2 New Google Nexus Devices By LG And Huawei

Google Nexus 5

Google’s Nexus range is again making into the headline with all the buzz around its upcoming device of 2015. After an acute price cut of its previous devices, rumours state, the new Google Nexus can be manufactured by 2 companies – LG and Huawei.

If another report is to be believed, then Google is planning to introduce 2 new Nexus devices this year. One will be made by LG and the other by Huawei! If this does becomes a reality, then this will be the first of its kind stuff in the industry.

There has been various reports available online for supporting this buzz around the new Google Nexus smartphone. Reports suggest that the Nexus will not be based on the any of LG G series mobile phones. Atleast the design would be a fresh one.

So far the all new Nexus is called as Nexus 2015, as per the various reports it might also name as “Bullhead”.

As of now, nothing great is available on the specification front but do expect a 5.2 inch – 5.7 inch display on the phone. A 3 GB RAM is also certain.

One can say, Google is following the foot step of Apple by launching its two iPhones with display size variants. Also, Nexus 6 has suffered immensely ,especially with market like India, where large screen and higher price won’t work at all.

With the recent price cut of Nexus 6 over flipkart gives a huge indication ,the search giant soon will be out with its flaghsip device, especially in the pocket friendly price point in India.