4 GB RAM At CES 2015


Just a couple of years ago, before the advent of ‘touch screen’ phones, smartphones were simply considered a way of making calls and a few SMSes every now and then, and RAM or Random Access Memory meant you were talking about PCs. However, the scenario has changed vastly in the past couple of years, especially as Android smartphones have grown, where with the launch a Samsung Galaxy S2, 1 GB RAM sounded such power in the palm of the hand.

Well, in the not too far future, smartphones with 4 GB RAM are going to be the common deal of the smartphone market and the very first devices which will be carrying that kind of RAM might be announced at the CES 2015.

We heard a couple of months back that the next Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S6 might have 4 GB RAM and the Korean manufacturer might just have helped confirm the rumor itself, with an announcement saying that it has begun the mass production of first-of-its-kind 4 Gigabyte LPDDR4 mobile Dynamic-RAM modules, which will be up to twice as fast as current generation DDR3 RAM while still requiring the same 1.1 volts to operate.

What this means in terms of raw performance is the capability of recording UHD videos, continuous burst-shot of high-res 20+ MP photos, while still being power efficient. Given the fact that it will be used in mobile devices, especially tablets which have witnessed exponential growth in terms of power and another step in terms of replacing the desktop PCs. And speaking of desktops, the small size and power consumption might find its way on to building super powerful laptops too.

In another story, word from Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri suggests that Apple might be preparing to launch a third iPhone for 2015, one that will be most welcomed by anyone who still finds the iPhone 6 large, let alone the iPhone 6 Plus.

Arcuri’s tracks record with Apple has been hit and miss, but a 4 inch iPhone with curved screen edges might just be around the corner, since it’s not the first time we have heard about a possible 4 inch iPhone, the last rumor pointing out to be launch in second half of 2015, suggesting the usual September launch.

Stay tuned for more updates on CES 2015.

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