5 Good Things About Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

galaxy s7 edge

Samsung brought its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to the Indian market with a launch in Delhi. There is a word in the market that these smartphones do not provide anything drastically different than the previous generation and even the design has been kept same. However, I beg to differ. There is a lot more which both the phones bring to the table, especially the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

1 A Fantastic Display
This quad HD Super AMOLED display present on the Galaxy S7 Edge will simply mesmerize you when you take a first look at it. Packing in more than 600 pixels on screen, it is by far the best display I have seen.

2 Stunning Design
Everyone loves the curves and the Galaxy S7 Edge has two on both the sides. The back-plate is made of glass and overall, the phone is a really beautiful piece in terms of the build quality. The side metallic perimeter is more robust than the material used on the iPhone 6S Plus. This was demonstrated by our friend from EverythingApplePro by the means of a crash test.

3 Best Camera Ever
Believe it or not, the Galaxy S7 Edge has a better camera than any iphone! Yes, this is true and I myself checked the image quality. The 12.7 Mp camera works great and there is no stopping it from clicking great images. The dual pixel technology and the big 1.7f aperture do the trick here.

4 Better Use Of Curved Screen
Although the usage if the curved edges are still limited, there has been a significant improvement done. You can add screen shortcuts and directly jump to apps. Further, important contacts can be swiftly accessed from the edge. Also, important news can be checked without hindering the work from the edge itself.

5 Expandable Slot 
The Galaxy S6 Edge was not a wonder baby when it came to storage space. With such a high end phone, people definitely need more storage. Samsung listened to the consumers this time and has added a hybrid storage slot at the top of the phone. Using this slot, you can take the total storage space of the Galaxy S7 Edge to 200 GB. Isn’t that fantastic!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been priced at Rs 48,900 and the S7 Edge will cost you Rs 56,900. Both are 32 GB variants. Further, if you are a Vodafone customer, you will get Double Data for 6 months if you are on the Red Plan. Happy surfing.

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