All That Glitters Is Not Chromebooks

Intel Chromebook

My laptop died on me in the beginning of the month. After four long years of togetherness, I had grown used to its presence around and didn’t want to part ways with it, come what may. But, the amount of resources (time and money) which was contemplated by the technician who came over, made me change my mind. And that is how I found myself in a showroom hunting for an ideal laptop. They had all that one can imagine and even more.

Intel ChromebookThe fanciest of them (apart from the Apple products, of course) all were the range of Chromebooks. Sleek, quick, a haven for app lovers- there wasn’t really anything about it which might turn one off.

I came back home without a Chromebook as my loyalties lay elsewhere. But, what followed was a revelation- Chromebook and its flaws. As they say, “too good to be true”, so the glasshouse built by customers when Chromebooks walked into their lives seems to be on shaky ground now.

For one, if you aren’t already using one and are planning to buy one in the near future, one thing is for sure-O ye, apps lovers, Chromebook has an application interface which would guarantee a hundred dollar smile on your face, but only by way of clicking on one of them you’ll realize a lot many of them are either mere hyperlinks of sorts or aren’t functioning as they are meant to function. Then, in time you’ll also crib about the insufficient apps to browse through. Google sure needs to work on this.

Then, creeps in the system update nightmare. If you aren’t much of a tech junkie, then what the update really adds onto your system may escape you.

It almost looks like a something which only professionals in the field would understand. But, why should I need to know what the update is all about? Imagine this-one morning you start your system only to find out a very different functioning of your keypad or trackpad, for that matter. Chromebook updates have been known to do that and a lot more. And then, if you are away from home or your Wi-Fi has been giving you a hard time and you decide to change off the automatic update setting, then far maybe the idea from you, as it is a mammoth of a task (I would rather say, it is just about impossible).

Last but as they say, not the least- there would be days when it would recognize your SD card and months when it would not identify it at all.

All that glitters is not gold when it comes to Chromebooks. So, take your time and spend prudently, as these are the two most important things which would be robbed away from you if you take back a wrong one back home.

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