Amkette Launches 4 Port Car Charger

amkette car charger

Amkette has launched a new Car Charger to deal with various problems that customers have to face. The new charger has four ports. Two for front seats and two for back seats. This solves the problem that backseat passengers have to generally face while charging their phone, that is, they cannot use and charge the phone at the same time. But this charger has two ports specially for the back-seat passengers.

It has enough power to charge four demanding devices at the same time. The front ports and the back ports are connected by a 6 feet cable. The charger can be stuck to the center console or can also be clipped to the seat.

The Power Pro charger also has three safety layers to check for overheating, overcharging or short circuits and prevent them. Each port delivers 2.4A output.

The Amkette Car Charger is a portable charger and can be fit into a pocket and is very powerful for charging up devices. These devices can be smartphones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.

The Amkette Power Pro charger is priced at INR 1999. It can detect and charge any powerful device. It can detect how to charge the device fast and efficiently in the car. It distributes the power according to devices connected to the ports.

The Power Pro charger is available in all leading retail stores and on all e-commerce portals and comes with 12 months warranty.