Android 5.0 : What Are You Upto Google?


Android being the most popular mobile operating system, and with tough competition like iOS in line, ought to be overhauled regularly to give its users an improved experience and also keep the air competitive. Looking back in time, the latest Android version 4.4 KitKat was released with Nexus 5 in october last year. Also keeping in mind that Google is bringing new Android versions in less than an year from last couple of times, I think it will be safe to say that the next Android iteration may be unveiled at the Google I/O Conference scheduled towards the end of June this year. What name will next Android have?

Well, it has to start with ‘L’, knowing the fact that all previous versions are named alphabetically. Many rumors suggest that it will be called ‘Lollipop’ considering that the big G has stopped naming Android with the names of American desserts in favour of a more universal, confectionary’s name with ‘KitKat’.

There were recent leaks of photos with revamped icon pack of the next Android. Google usually reserves big changes for a totally new version, like it did with Android IceCream Sandwich which was a complete visual overhaul and started a new series with Android 4.0. With icon changes on the way, the next Android is more likely to be Android 5.0. Also, there haven’t been many changes on visual part since Ice-Cream Sandwich which again hints for Android 5.0.

Well, now, what changes can we expect with the new Android 5.0? Besides visual changes, there will be tweaks for making the user experience more smooth and uniform while keeping the hardware requirement at minimum. We can also expect a more integrated Google Now. When Google Now made its first appearance with JellyBean, it was hidden behind a widget. With KitKat, it can now be activated by saying ‘OK Google Now!’ whenever you are on homescreen. With next Android, if not like MotoX’s voice command integration, I wish ‘OK Google Now!’ works all over the interface atleast.

We can also expect some features like‘double-tap to unlock’ becoming native to Android 5.0, if not excellent features like LG’s Knock Code feature. At the end, we can only expect these changes and will have to wait till Google I/O Conference to know what exactly Google has cooked into the new Android. Till then, stick to the page and enjoy reading!

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