Android One: Yes Or No


Google’s Android One devices are now made available with the help of manufacturers like Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. These smart phones are available from a starting price of  Rs. 6,399.

Now first, before going ahead let’s discuss what Android One really is. Any device stating that it runs on Android One should have followed standards set by Google for Android One. Standards are set in such a way that the OS is mostly out of the box with least bloat ware. Also the latest OS updates are directly provided by Google over the air. Hence your Android One device will stay up to date. One more important feature in Android One is that any manufacturer implementing it should follow a set hardware specification set by Google.

Google has chosen the Indian market to get hold of big chunk of smart phone market to debut their Android One devices. However in a few months these devices also will be released in to various countries.

According to a research company, IDC, India will prove to be a tough market as these devices are banned in China and hence have to invest in India. Even with their wide spread advertising, India will be a tough market, it states.

Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Dream UNO, Karbonn Sparkle V are a few Android One smart phones that are currently available in India with latest OS and catchy hardware. Also as these are manufactured by our Indigenous makers, they are reasonably priced. Go have a look at them.

With an Android device in your hand you have better freedom to tinker with OS and settings as compared to the usual Android smart phone. Android One is a boon to developers. Remember Nokia devices like N900 that ran on Maemo OS? It came with IR transmitter, FM transmitter, etc. Once the rooting process is done, one could operate TV’s, AC units, DVD player or any device which had IR receiver with the help of the phone and a suitable software. One could use tools like Aircrack and hack in to WEP networks. These are just a few things you can do with a rooted phone provided that they have suitable hardware under the hood.

Android One devices are pre-loaded with usual apps like Gmail, maps, Google now, etc.

Now the decision is up to you. Go, get your hands on an Android One device, try them out and choose.

Lohith is a Biomedical engineer by training and an impassioned dog-lover. He diligently follows and muses about the technological revolution,with a perspective on the cultural aspect of marketing. While he's not busy de-constructing apps, processors and OS', he catches up on quality films


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