Android Operating System Witnesses Exponential Growth

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Competition usually entails two or more entities trying to prove their capabilities at a given point in time. If all the contenders head back home, then there basically would be no competition. It seems the phone market would soon be experience the no-competition scenario as the only contender which would be waging a war against itself is Android operating system.

android artIn a recent survey, Android operating system has been found with 85 percent of the world market shares. The result- other operating systems would have to fight tooth and nail to be able to stand in the market. But, this phenomena wouldn’t have happened overnight, right? True! This happened in the second quarter of the year. But, the results in the first quarter were more or less the same as this one.

The analysis states that shipment of phones with Android operating system have increased to 295 million, making it the most sought after operating system phone in the market. Customers are still fascinated by its convenient and friendly interface and plethora of apps. It seems Apple has to work a little harder to catch up with Android. Though, Apple experienced growth in sales by 35 percent in this quarter, yet it is far from reaching the spot which Android has been warming for quite some time now.

How can I say so? Apple’s share fell by 1.5  percent in the global market.

Though, Apple’s much awaited large-screened phones are expected to tip the scales in its favor in the next quarter, but nobody knows that for a fact. Another prospective competitor that might disturb Android’s reigning position is the phenomenally cheap Firefox phones. But, we would know that for sure in some time.

While, Android operating system is experiencing growth like never before, the sale of smart phones is headed in the opposite direction in the global market. While, North America and Europe seem to be done with smart phones, Asia and Africa are yet to have their fill of smartphones. It was further found that Chinese manufacturers like Lenovo and Huawei reportedly add unto the sale of smartphones by 295 million.

And I can say it for a fact that Android operating system would reign in these countries until the existing operating systems or a new one, for that matter, comes up with something as attractive with an equally attractive price. The others should learn their lessons from Microsoft and Blackberry. Rigidity spells stupidity. Therefore, while the former has been consistently experiencing a decline in sale by eight million units from 8.9 million just over a year ago, the latter experienced its unit sale spiraling down by 66 percent

But, without competition life would be bland, so let’s hope that a messiah would soon come to our recue and save the world from the clutches of Android (not that I am complaining).

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