Anomaly Korea Review: Tower Offence And Strategy

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Story and Controls
Background Score

Released by 11bit studios, makers of the original Anomaly and Anomaly Warzone, Anomaly Korea is set in, as the name suggests, Korea. The game is similar to but the exact opposite of Tower defense games and is actually more of a tower offence game which is different game because you are the one attacking their base and weave around their towers, and you have to strategically choose your path and you blow up their towers and achieve your goal. Along the way there is a lot of mechanics behind the scenes that make the experience very interesting.


At the beginning of each level in Anomaly Korea, you are given a map, where you kind of have to ‘design’ your own path on how you are going to achieve your goal, and you have to take a few things in consideration for strategy, for instance where the enemies are, what type of enemies they are, how you are going to approach them with the particular vehicles you are using, and where money and checkpoints are throughout the map.

You have a different objective at each level where it be to complete a level in a certain time or to simply survive till the end of the road, and at the end you are given a success screen presenting how efficiently you played the level and give you ratings like Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Story and Controls:

anomaly korea2There are no fixed controls, but you have to tap on to the screen according to on-screen instructions and to use special power up as the game progresses.

Money is used in Anomaly Korea to buy new vehicles or upgrade vehicles you currently possess and you have to choose how to order them from front to back to make the optimal solution for the path that you have chosen to take in a particular level.

anomaly korea3Once you have selected your path, and your vehicles and what order you want them in, the strategy doesn’t simply end there. You get power ups on your way, and at this point the power ups are where the strategy of ‘active gameplay’ is because you have to see which turrets are coming up, which guns you have, what your health is and then you have to strategically play your power ups throughout the level in order to maximize your efficiency throughout the level.


Anomaly Korea is quite similar to the original, just much brighter, faster, better sounds, better graphics. When the game first started I could not believe that I was playing this game on my android smartphone, because the  graphics make it look like a high-end console quality game.

Background score:

The background score also uses high quality sounds such as the explosions of turrets, the missile that we launch, the different types of sounds for power ups that indicate the intensity and duration of the power up, and a the voice of a Korean Lady Army officer talking to us and giving us instructions just gives this amazing presence of the action taking place in Anomaly Korea.


And so while Anomaly Korea seems to be simplistic on the surface, when you take into consideration the fact that you can choose your own path, the power ups you use on the way, this is a high strategy game and when you pair that with the high production value that is the amazing 3D graphics, the really good sound, the cut-scenes, the voice-acting in between levels, this game is a contender for one of best games for Android games.

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