Asus AM1M-A Supports Latest Processors


AsusAre you thinking of buying a mother board which supports latest processors like Athlon and Sempron series? A brand new mother board from Asus has been released which supports latest processors – Asus AM1M-A. Previously Asus had also announced mother boards for Intel chipset series H81 and B85. The newest AMD chipset supporting mother boards are available at a reasonable price of Rs. 2400 and comes with 3 years of warranty. With various cheap options like these one can easily assemble their dream PC’s without burning a huge hole into their pockets.

The Asus AM1M-A supports the latest AMD AM1 socketed SoC. The APU’s (Accelerated Processing Units) like the Sempron and the Athlon series are easily handled by the Asus AM1M-A. Chipset series like Athlon and Sempron come bundled with great graphics support. This is due to the presence of the AMD R series graphics on the chipsets.

If you are a gamer you will want to update your graphics support. Now with the Asus AM1M-A, you will also be able to install Microsoft DirectX 11.1 graphics which lets you play latest games without much lag. Other than the impressive features mentioned already the AM1M-A is also loaded with Fusion controller hubs. The physical space required has been reduced to around 50 percent due to implementation of latest embedded technology onto the motherboard as compared previous Brazos 2 boards.

Now digging in deeper regarding other specifications of Asus AM1M-A motherboard, the board comes with ASUS 5X short circuit protection which will ensure that all of your hand picked and assembled electronic parts are safe and sound. This guaranteed protection is due to the presence of ASUS DIGI+ voltage regulator setup. This will provide a regulated and constant power supply to all the components on your motherboard. A surge in voltage and current is no big problem for this motherboard. This is due to the fact that it has been loaded with Electrostatic discharge protection, very good solid state capacitors. It also has protection against corrosion.

Previously with USB 2.0 it would take long time for data transfer. But AM1M-A comes with USB 3.0. It supports much higher speeds than USB 2.0. The USB 3.0 has UASP support which further accelerates the standard speed of USB 3.0. An easy GUI is provided for UEFI BIOS system the AM1MA has. That means frequently used items can be set up as short cuts for fast access. With the presence of all these, Asus AM1M-A consumes minimal power.

Another very interesting feature of the ASUS AM1M-A motherboard is that you can tune almost every component on the board. This is possible with the installation of AI suite 3, a dash board GUI enabling to make suitable adjustments to the electronic components. Therefore you can decide for great power saving, high performance or anything depending upon your requirement.

If you want performance at an affordable price you can think about ASUS motherboards which support both INTEL and AMD chipsets.

Lohith Arcot
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