ASUS EeeBook X205 Quick Review & Storage Space

asus eeebook x205

ASUS has come up with a new notebook which is priced at Rs 14,999. It is an affordable mini-laptop for those who are looking at a cheaper option. I played for the device for some time and found it to be a good offering at that kind of price. At the same time, I also figured out a few drawbacks of the ASUS EeeBook X205. Since the device is available on Flipkart starting 21 January, it will be a good option to read further in order to get some insight on the ASUS EeeBook X205.

Design And Display

The notebook comes with a 11.6 inhc display with a screen resolution of 720p. This is basically a HD display. When I checked the screen from different angles, found it to be good. Colours are good but it cannot be compared to the mid range or high end note-books or laptops. Still, watching movies, carrying out routine work and playing games should be a fine experience. Colours of the ASUS EeeBook X205 DO NOT appear to be washed out.

asus eeebook x205 1If I talk about the build quality, the notebook is pretty light and sleek. It actually weighs less than 1 KG and feels like a tablet in hand. Thus, it can be carried easily in hands or bag. The battery is non removable and the device is non metallic but it doesn’t gives the feel of some cheap device. The keyboard is NOT backlit: one cannot expect backlit keyboard at a price point of Rs 14,999. The ASUS EeeBook X205 is available in 4 colours: gold, navy blue, white and red.


asus eeebook x205 2The actual internal storage available to the user is around 21 GB. This is because the Windows 8.1 operating system and pre-installed apps like Microsoft Office 365 are occupying lot of space. However, one can connect the dexternal hard disk via the 2 USB ports present on the ASUS EeeBook X205.

The RAM stands at 2 GB and the processor is a quad core Intel Atom. Will come up with synthetic benchmark and apps and gaming performance in the full review of the ASUS EeeBook X205.


The camera on the ASUS EeeBook X205 is a VGA one. The captured images are nt dark and lens works fine in this aspect but the quality of the final image is not good. Again, can’t expect much at such a low price point.


asus eeebook x205 3ASUS claims that the ASUS EeeBook X205 can give users a battery uptime of 11 hours with moderate use. This is a solid claim which will be tested in out battery performance tests.

Early Verdict

The ASUS EeeBook X205 has the potential to succeed because of its ergonomics and the pricing. Someone who is looking for a tablet at a price of Rs 15,000 can very well opt for the EeeBook. The thing to note is that the screen is not a touchscreen like a tablet and the camera is not good either.

If you are running tight on budget or are a student who requires a laptop for studies, internet, moderate gaming and other multimedia purpose, ASUS EeeBook X205 is a good option to go for.