Asus GL504G Review – Right Machine For Gamers!

asus gl504g
Battery Life
Value For Money

Design And Display
The Asus GL504G got some amazing built with an all aluminium lid. The laptop looks and at the same time gives you a feel that you are using the cutting edge technology. The internal chassis house the indicators for the wifi, battery, power and the hard drive.

asus gl504g keyboardThe internal chassis is made up of plastic. The keyboard lights up in exciting multiple colours which will definitely provide the gamers with that futuristic feel. The QWER, these 4 keys are transparent in this laptop. This design will definitely help the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena players.

asus gl504g portsOn the top left, you will find buttons for ROG gaming center, microphone and audio sliders. Do remember that this being a gaming laptop, the device is quite heavy. Saying that, it is still quite lighter than the other gaming laptops in the market.

When it comes to the display, the Asus GL504G is almost bezel less! Add to that 15.6 inch Full HD LCD display and the gaming experience goes to the next level. The display is so neat that even if you are not gaming and using the laptop for other multimedia purpose, the experience is heavenly. With 276 nits, the display is quite bright.

On the downside, I am not too happy with the bottom right positioning of the web camera. Slightly awkward position but then again it depends on user to user.

Let’s have a look at the hardware and the ports.

LCD: 15.6 FHD WV
CPU: Intel i7-8750H/BGA
WLAN: 802.11AC(2*2)_WW+BT
USB: USB 3.1×4
OS Type: Windows 10 64 bit
Battery: 4 cell 66 WH

I played games like Hitman and GTA V on the Asus GL504G. Everything went well and smooth. For Hitman, the device was able to maintain a good 72 fps. The GTA V functioned at 52 fps.

asus gl504g backTo put it simply, this device is a beast guys. In terms of performance, you throw anything at it, be it copying files, converting a video and last but not the least, playing the best of the best games, your experience will be really good. Not to forget, the speakers are so loud and powerful, they just shake up the whole room if you put them to full volume!

As far as heat factor is concerned, the laptop heats up quite a bit when put to heavy use. The good part is that the hottest point remains at the center of the hinge. And with the amount of weight that this device carries, you will mostly put it on a table and not in your lap.

Battery Life
The Asus GL504G lasts for around 4 hours when put to complete heavy use. That is a good enough battery backup for a gaming laptop. The device will give even more juice if it is used for other tasks and not only for games. This part I guess, will be a rare occurrence on such a device.

I love the performance of this device. I love the speaker and I love the design. If you have the budget, the device comes with a MRP of Rs 1,61,990 in India, then this is the kind of portable gaming device you want to have. It is lighter than the competition and a beauty!

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