Asus To Recycle 20% Of Its Electronic Waste

asus e-waste teaching

ASUS announced a new target of recycling 20 per cent of its global electronic waste, on the occasion of World Environment Day 2017. It aims to reach this ambitious target by the year 2025. There was a recent warning by World Health Organization about the improper disposal of e-waste across the globe.

The company recycled almost 11 million kilograms of e-waste, that is about 12.2% of the total products sold. E-waste, not only improves sustainability, but also, adds value to the recycled products.

World Environment day is celebrated on June 5 each year and was founded by the United Nations in 1972. The theme for this year was Connecting People to Nature.

ASUS has joint ventures in 14 countries currently with local recyclers for helping in recycle of the e-waste. ASUS hosted a series of themed recycling events today in various countries like the Netherlands, the United States, Taiwan and India.

These events had two goals. One was for set up recycling stations in collaboration with ASUS so that the benefits of recycling could be shared locally. Second goal is to collect 100,000 kilograms of e-waste before end of July.

ASUS plans to set up collection points in key markets in India as well, so that consumers can recycle their old devices or deposit e-wastes. They also will provide a pickup facility by registering their request through customer care.