Asus ZenBook UX370 Review – It’s Awesome

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Battery Life

Design and Display
The time I unboxed this laptop and even now when I am writing this review on the Asus ZenBook UX370, all this time this device has kept me hooked to it and in awe. The design is simply mind-blowing. With the laptop weighing around a KG only, it is one of the lightest devices in the market. It is super easy to carry around and feels like you are carrying a notebook!

asus zenbook ux370_4The laptop is really thin and is completely made up of metal. The screen can be rotated 360 degree and the laptop can be turned into the tablet mode. The keypad is apt for the tablet mode as well as fast typing in the normal mode because the keys are quite flat. Apart from the functionality, it also looks aesthetic.

The keyboard is backlit with adjustable backlight. The touchpad is smooth as it can get and provides you with that royal feeling while maneuvering your way to different tasks.

asus zenbook ux370_3Then there is a special pen using which you can do multiple activities. It is primarily beneficial if you want to draw precise shapes on the Asus ZenBook UX370 display.

asus zenbook ux370Talking about the display now, the laptop features a 13.3 inch FULL HD display which is touch enabled. Let me tell you, the colours on the display are super good and the touch is precise and keeps well under control. I found using touch a lot of times while operating this laptop.

The Asus ZenBook UX370 which I reviewed had Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB SSD (storage space). The specs look amazing and the performance shows that. This machine is a power house. The fan does a good job when it comes to keeping the noise at minimum levels. Then there is an extra quite mode which can be enabled when you are not using the laptop for heavy usage. This way, there is hardly any noise level from the fan.

Battery Life
This area is not the best part about the Asus ZenBook UX370. With moderate use, the laptop lives and breathes around 3-4 hours. Also, when you are charging the battery, the lower bottom part towards the right of the device starts heating up. It returns to normal temperature pretty quickly once you unplug the device.

What I really liked about this laptop is that it is super light weight. It is made up of good metal and is quite sturdy. Then the display is one of the best display’s around and the touch is sweet. There is enough power under the hood for most of your tasks. One thing which is slightly not on the positive side is the battery and do keep in mind to keep the charger around if you decide on purchasing the Asus ZenBook UX370.

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