ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser 6 (ZE601KL) Review

zenfone 2 laser 6 ze601kl
Value For Money

After the decent show of the Zenfone 2 Laser, ASUS has wasted no time in launching the 6 inch variant of the phone by the model name ZE601KL. I tested it thoroughly and found the device to a solid phablet at a rather cheap price tag.

Design And Display

The Zenfone 2 Laser 6 comes with a 6 inch display. There are 2 special things about the screen. The first is that it is a Full HD one which means that watching videos and playing games is a treat on this phone. The other part is that despite of such a massive display, ASUS has provided the users with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

zenfone 2 laser 6 ze601kl backThe build quality and the looks are same as the current Zenfone series. The phone is complete plastic and feels robust in hands.


ASUS went in with a 3 GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 processor in the Zenfone 2 Laser 6. The performance is better than the Snapdragon 615 processor and the heating is less.

For Regular users: You are in for a treat. Accomplishing multiple tasks is really easy, thanks to the fast processor and big display.

Gamers: I played Walking war robots and Real racing 3 on the Zenfone 2 Laser 6. Not once the phone gave me any kind of troubles. The Walking war robots is an online multiplayer game and it ran smoothly. I killed many opponents!

One interesting aspect to mention is that there is an app called Laser Ruler in the phone. It automatically detects the distance between the phone’s camera and the object it is focusing at. To my surprise, it worked in pitch darkness and I was able to find my way in the dark like a boss!


The above images have been taken under different light conditions. As the name suggests, the Zenfone 2 laser 6 got laser auto-focus which focuses at lightning speeds. There is zero shutter lag. The close-ups come up detailed and crisp. The camera automatically suggests you to turn on the HDR mode or low-light mode according to the surrounding lights. However, the images clicked under low light mode are at 3 Mp and do not come out well. The front facing camera, 5 Mp, does a fine job and clicks detailed selfies.


A 6 inch Full HD display and a powerful processor, both of these things are not so good for the battery. Thus, we have an average battery backup with the battery lasting from 8 AM (full charge) to 6 PM in the evening. This was with moderate to heavy use which includes video watching and use of maps (25 minutes).


If you are a fan of big screen phones and don’t want to overspend, then the Zenfone 2 Laser 6 is an excellent option. The 3 GB RAM and Full HD display works in its favour. Also, the user interface is smooth and easy to use. On the other hand, I would have loved to see a slightly better battery uptime.

Ajay Gupta
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  • MrDibism

    Is the camera better than its 5.5 inch version?

    • Hi MrDibism

      The camera (rear and front) of the 5.5 inch version is slightly better.
      Hope it helps.

      • MrDibism

        How is it that the 5.5 inch version is better considering the size? Since the 6 inch version has a bigger body, so it should be able to store a better camera sensor no? And considering its newer than the 5.5 inch version… So it should be better no? I am still contemplating whether to buy the 5.5 inch version or the 6 inch one. The 5.5 inch version is tempting because its very cheap now compared to the 6 inch version, which is still very expensive in my country. But the compromise will be having a 720p screen instead of 1080p… I am not sure whether that compromise will be worth it or not. Plus I need a big phone to compensate a tablet.. I’ve tried owning both and its just not ideal to bring them together. So I would just stick to having a big phone that is capable of taking good pics as well as do the tasks that I would do with a tablet… Please advice on this matter