Asus Zenfone 3s Max Review: Android Nougat And 5000 mAh Battery

asus zenfone 3s max
Rear Camera
Front Camera
Battery Life
Value For Money

Design And Display
The phone has got pure metal on top and the bottom. At the back, it is a mix of metal and plastic. The overall design is aesthetic and I really like the shape and the positioning of the fingerprint scanner which also works as the back to home screen button. the Zenfone 3s Max feels and looks premium.

zenfone 3s max backThe display of the phone is a HD one with 720p on screen. It is a 5.2 inch display with nice colours and the sunlight visibility is also decent.

zenfone 3s max speakersThis phone is a beauty when it comes to the looks and the build. The Zenfone 3s Max got a standard micro USB port for charging and data transfer operation.

zenfone 3s max sim port hybridThe SIM card port is a hybrid one. This means that you can either put in 2 SIM cards or a single SIM card and a memory card in order to expand the storage space.

Asus has put in Mediatek 6750 chipset inside the hood with 3 GB RAM. The phone is running on the latest operating system, the Android Nougat. I ran Antutu Benchmark and the phone managed to get a score of 40,005.

For Regular Users: The phone is fast and the has ample amount of RAM to be able to run multiple apps in the background. All other work like sending mails, Whatsapp and watching YouTube is a pleasant experience on the Zenfone 3s Max.

For Gamers: The MediaTek chipset does not heats up and medium to heavy games can be played on the phone. I played games like Asphalt 8, WWE Immortals and Real Steel WRB. The game-play was more or less smooth with only minor hiccups here and there. Although, the Zenfone 3s Max cannot be termed as a robust gaming phone, it does handles heavy games decently.

The phone got a 13 MP rear camera and a 8 MP front facing . The rear camera got a dual tone flash. Check out the images below. I advice you to click on them and see the full screen raw images. The colours come out to be natural and the things look good.
The front facing camera impressed me and the details look great.

The video camera is good and captures the details well. The colours appear natural and the ambient sound comes in nicely.

Battery Life
A big 5000 mAh monster battery is there under the hood of the Zenfone 3s Max. Needless to say, the phone lasts longer than a day. Charge the phone completely at 9 am in the morning and you are good to go the complete day. The good part is that the phone would still be up the next half a day atleast. Pretty impressive battery.

Looks, battery and the front facing camera. This is what I would say if you would ask me to sum up the review of the Zenfone 3s Max. With this device, it is evident that Asus knows what it is offering and has tried to keep things simple. Overall a decent device which would satiate most of the user needs.

Ajay Gupta
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