ASUS Zenfone Zoom Review: Solid Phone With Remarkable Camera

asus zenfone zoom
Value For Money

Design And Display
The first thing which you see in this phone is that Asus has done away with the back based volume rocker and power buttons. They nicely sit at the right side of the Zenfone Zoom. On the bottom right are the dedicated camera and video recording buttons.

asus zenfone zoom camera buttonThe next thing which attracts on this phone is the big circle surrounding the camera lens. This circle houses the Hoya Lens which is the USP of the Zenfone Zoom. asus zenfone zoom leather backThe back cover is plush leather and the bezel is made of premium metal. Overall, a decent work has been done to provide the phone an elegant design and robustness. Not to forget, the display got the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

Talking a bit more about the display, we have a 5.5 inch Full HD screen on the Asus Zenfone Zoom. The touch is really good and the sunlight visibility is impressive. The phone is slightly bulky due to the big camera lens.

With the Zenfone Zoom, Asus is back to the Intel chipset which last made its appearance in the Zenfone 2 (top end) and the Zenfone first generation smartphones.

The end result is a top notch performance. See the benchmark scores below and you will get what I mean.asus zenfone zoom benchmark antutu

For regular users: With a really fast Intel processor and 4 GB of RAM, you literally have a personal computer in your hand. Throw any task at the Zenfone Zoom and the phone will be more than happy to execute it for you.asus zenfone zoom benchmark geekbench3

For gamers: I played games like Dead Trigger 2 and Walking War Robots on the phone. They both require internet connectivity and tons of processing power. Walking War Robot is a real time online multiplayer game. The Zenfone Zoom did not spoil my gaming experience at all. First, the games did not lag and secondly, the Intel processor does not heats up. This means that gamers can go on for long duration of time and beat the hell out of the opponents.

13 Mp rear camera and a 5 Mp is what we have on this device. However, I have said this time and again that it is not the Megapixels which count but it is the quality of the lens and aperture which matters. Asus has made use of Hoya Lens in its camera and it offers features like optical image stabilization. Without going further, I would like you to see the images clicked with the Zenfone Zoom under various conditions. The last image has been taken with the front camera and you can see how wide and clear the image is. Really good for a group selfie.

Battery Life
asus zenfone zoom batteryA 3000 mAh battery and Intel Atom processor, together they mean an average battery backup. Charge the phone 100 per cent at 8 in the morning and you might want to look for a charging port around 5-6 pm. However, the good part is that the phone supports Boost charge and you will be good to go by plugging in the Zenfone Zoom for 15 minutes or so. Make sure to use the charger provided in the box as it ensures a really fast charge.

This phone was creating waves since months now and it was good to see it getting launched finally. If you want a good camera performance from your phone and like shooting the most minute of the details then the Zenfone Zoom is tailor made for you. I Zoomed to the complete 3X and clicked a pigeon sitting on the opposite side of the road. After clicking the image, when I zoomed in further, I was amazed to see that I could see the eye of the pigeon with its natural colour. That is the power of the Zenfone Zoom!

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