Battery Bug In iPhone 6S & How To Solve It

apple iphone side view

iPhone 6S has been hit by a battery bug, which has been acting as an irritant to people who are travelling from one time zone to another or who are using manual time change option.

Though the bug is not a major bug and is not much troubling, but Apple Support is already out with a solution to it. Apple is trying to completely eliminate this bug on iPhone 6S and for the time being has suggested the users to follow Apple Support’s instructions on the same.

Well, you must be wondering what the bug actually is? Here it is- when a person travels from one time zone to another, the iPhone 6S starts showing the wrong amount of battery life. Another instance when the bug comes into play is when you try to change the time manually on the device.

The Apple Support has provided with a solution to tackle this problem, until it completely eliminates it. Here is what The Apple Support page suggests you:

Whenever you encounter this problem, firstly restart your iPhone and wait for the rebooting to finish. Once the device has rebooted and ready to function, go into Settings<General <Date and Time, and then switch the ‘Set Automatically’ option to On.

If you are still not able to fix the problem, then it is advisable to contact Apple Support.

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