Bid Adieu To Nexus, Google Nexus 6 Won’t Be Coming

Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5In what could be a shocker, reports have surfaced which claim that Google is done with its flagship Nexus mobile series. The source of this information is none other than the always reliable evleaks.

A few days ago Sundar Pichai, Senior vice President, Google said that the Nexus 6 will be delayed and an early July release was completely out of consideration. Now with the almost confirmed news of Google Nexus 6 not coming ever, many a loyal fans have been left heart broken.

But hey! NothingGeek is not about broken hearts and sad days. Let us tell you, that Google has decided to re-invent its mobile line altogether and will be coming up with Android Silver products in the month of February, 2015.

Under the Android Silver project, handset manufacturers and telecom operators will be in a partnership with Google wherein the software giant will pay them to manufacture and sell Android Silver Mobiles which are build according to Google’s rules and regulations.

So what are the implications of the Android Silver mobile products?

First of all, the unwanted applications or the bloatware will meet its end. It will still be there in few smartphones but Google would make it mandatory for these manufacturers to give users the option to uninstall these apps. This will come as a great breather because as of now, we cannot do such a thing until and unless we root our phone. This move by Google will see, with time, the manufacturers ceasing to put in pre-installed applications to quite an extent.

One more good aspect of the Android Silver mobiles will be that they will not be staggers when it comes to software updates. Since the manufacturers will need to stick to some pre-determined guidlines, the latest Android updates will be quick to arrive. An untouched Android UI is always a good thing.

In the past, Google and LG have produced some excellent Nexus devices. Google Nexus 6 will not be coming but these two companies are still very much together and they are currently working to produce the first Android Silver devices which will see the light of the day in February next year.