Can Firefox OS Turn The Tide For Mozilla

firefox os

I have always admired the grit and determination of those who do not lose hope at times when they should be losing it. I bet it takes a toll on them to smile at the world, when the world is eager to witness their downfall. It might be doubly difficult if you are in a business of pleasing the world.

firefox osTake Mozilla Firefox for instance, the operating system has been nearing the dead end for quite some time now, but instead of letting go, it has been holding unto the last strand of hope that it has somehow managed to procure from the void space out there.

What exactly is its last strand of hope?  Well, Firefox has now ventured out into the field of smart phones in association with Intex and Spice. Just when the operating system was ready to go down the drains, Firefox was struck with realization- let’s make smart phones with Firefox Operating System.

Would it do Firefox any good? Honestly, I don’t know. Let’s not predict anything until we see and use it in person. For one thing, the phone would be a definite hit amongst those who are looking out for smart phones at an unbelievable low price. How low can it be? Firefox is planning to launch the phone at an approximate price range of 1,500 rupees!

But doesn’t cheap equals bad quality? Well, the current batch of Firefox OS phone is priced at above $60, which Firefox perceived to be expensive for most of the consumers in the Indian and South Asian sub-continent. Thus, the decision to slash its prices, meaning, it may be as good as any other smart phone out there. We would be able to tell that for sure by the end of this year.

Does this move guarantee the end of Firefox’s woes? In a country where smart phones sell like hot cakes, Firefox may experience a beginning of the end of its woes. In the first half of this year, over 17.59 million smart phones have been shipped to meet the growing need of the Indian customers. The winner of this batch of shipment was Samsung which was closely followed by Micromax and Karbonn. Lava and Nokia were also an eminent part of this shipment.

This proves what? This speaks volumes about our smart phone craving. We may have a opinion about each and every phone flooding the market, but we own more than one of them. Let’s hope Firefox OS is as good as it sounds to be then we can own it, as well.

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