CES 2016 Updates – What You Need To Know

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First of all, wishing all the readers a very Happy New Year. You must have received plenty of New Year wishes already, but if you are a tech enthusiast, your first gift of the New Year is also not far away. Well, don’t expect us to ship in a gadget for you! Yeah, don’t be disappointed, I am talking about the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016), which begins on January 6 in Las Vegas. Well, you already know how huge CES is and for a tech enthusiast, it is no less than a great gift.

CES witnesses big tech names and that too under one show. CES is a massive platform and a place where big names associated with technology are united.

Here are a few products which we surely think would turn around the heads at the CES 2016 and which have been awaited from a long time.

Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet is ready to showcase its Bolt electric vehicle (EV) at CES. The car is ready for production and is believed to be a good step taken by Chevy. The car is also going to boast off support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Hope it lives up the expectation and paves the way for a cleaner energy by running on electricity.

New Lenovo laptop

lenovo laptopLast year, Lenovo had introduced the Lenovo LaVie Z laptop and convertible at the CES last year. They were the lightest devices in the history of their respective classes. What Lenovo would bring in this time will be interesting to watch. It should try to bring in something new-fangled this time as well.

A New Fitbit Gadget

fitbit chargeFitbit has emerged out as one of the top favourite phone-connected wearable. The earlier Fitbit launches happened way back in early 2015. Both the Fitbit Charge HR and larger Fitbit Surge were launched back then, meaning it has been a long time since its launch. So, Fitbit surely should try bringing in something exciting to the table.

A Cheap Panasonic OLED

OLED technology has started to gain popularity. OLED technology offers amazing visual technology, giving around 4K Ultra HD clarity. Most of the OLED TVs come in curved display and at a huge price. Panasonic’s first OLED TV had a curved display too and was available for a massive $10,000. Hope Panasonic brings in the OLED technology at an affordable cost on a flat display.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is a virtual reality device that can be mounted on head. It is being developed by HTC in co-production with Valve Corporation. This VR device has a lot of expectations and showcasing it this week at CES 2016 will surely add to the excitement.

Huawei Mate 8
No major smartphone is expected to be showcased here as the major names like Samsung Galaxy S7 etc. are expected to be launched at Mobile World Congress most likely. So, this is the major smartphone name that is going to be showcased at the CES. The handset has already launched in China and at CES its international version’s entry is expected.

Wireless Ear-buds

Yeah I know, wireless ear-buds are not something new and unique and not something really to look forward to at CES 2016. But the current ear buds in the market are pretty expensive though. Basically the ear-buds will be things to look out for because we want to see the wireless ear-buds that are friendly to the pocket and also to the battery of the device they are being connected with.

Cheap 4K TVs
4K TVs burn a big hole in the pocket, but it is expected to witness a decently priced 4K TV at CES. If one is showcased, it surely is going to be a head turner. Now the interesting thing is going to be that who brings that in first. Samsung, LG, Sony or maybe some surprise entrant.

VR Headsets
VR headsets are something that the world is really looking forward to. 2016 could see a host of companies coming out with VR headsets, but the thing to watch will be that which company impresses the most and which would be showcasing it up at the CES this week.

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung bought SmartThings back in 2014 and it wanted to really make your home smart, really smart. But until now, nothing much smart has been brought out by them. Lets hope to witness something classic and some really smart thing to be showcased at CES 2016.

CES is always a much awaited event of the year for technology enthusiasts. Wish to see some really amazing stuff out there, this time too.

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