After Chromecast And Apple Tv, Welcome Amazon Fire Tv

Amazon Fire Tv

Amazon Fire TvA rumour sprung up at the starting of this year that in order to counter the growing emergence of the television set boxes from big players like Google and Apple, Amazon would be coming up with its own version pretty soon. The rumour has turned out to be correct as the Amazon Fire Tv has now been launched officially.

The Amazon Fire Tv is powered up by a quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM. The specs sound similar but do not confuse it with a smartphone! A Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also present. You also get a Bluetooth remote control which can be connected witht the Amazon Fire Tv. The third connection option is through the HDMi port which gives out Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

The software on which the Amazon Fire Tv operates is based on the Android platform, so there is Netflix, Crackle and Vervo too. The user could also download a dedicated application on their smartphone or tablet which would enable them to identify the music lyrics, like Shazam, and identify the people whom the user is currently watching.

Love listening to music? That too international stuff? Then there is another good news in store for you. From May, TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio would make it to the Amazon Fire Tv. On our end, we like the TuneIn radio quite a lot. It has a clean interface with hundreds of radio stations available. They are all sorted according to the genre and locations.

The Amazon Fire Tv has something in store for the gaming freaks too. You could purchase a gaming console along side the device and and purchase games directly through Amazon coins (form of virtual currency). This game controller would cost you $40.

Roku, Google Chromecast and Apple Tv have definitely got some competition and cannot afford to take things easy. As of now the device is available only in US. For our United States readers, the Amazon Fire Tv would cost $99. It would soon make its entrance to UK and there it would be priced somewhere around 100 British Pounds. We don’t think that the device would make it to India.