Coolpad Note 5 Lite Vs Moto G Play 4th Gen

coolpad vs moto

Design and Display
Both of these smartphones have a minimalist design which makes them look sleek and aesthetic. If you are looking for a more funky looking design, then go for the Moto G Play 4th Gen. On the other hand if you want a more classy and a premium looking handset, then the Coolpad Note 5 Lite should be your choice. Also, the Note 5 Lite is made up of complete metal while the Moto G Play has a plastic build.

In terms of display, these smartphones feature a 5 inch HD display with good indoor and outdoor visibility.

coolpad vs moto backsidePerformance
A Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset powers up the Moto G Play 4th gen smartphone. On the other hand, the Coolpad Note 5 Lite got a MediaTek quad core chipset. Thus, the RAM difference between these two phones come into the picture here. Coolpad, with its 3 GB RAM has an edge over the 2 GB RAM of the Moto smartphone.

The camera on the Moto phone is 8 MP rear and 5 MP front. On Coolpad, there is a 13 MP camera at the back and a 8 MP camera on the front. Check the images below and see the difference for yourself. The image output from the Coolpad Note 5 Lite is much better than what we obtain from Moto.

Battery Life
In this area, both the phones last around one day in spite of having 2800 mAh and 2500 mAh battery respectively. Thanks to the proper synchronization of the hardware and the software and a not too demanding 5 inch screen.

The winner clearly is the Coolpad Note 5 Lite smartphone. It has a better build quality, camera and a  performance than the Moto G Play 4th Gen smartphone. If you want a vanilla Android experience, only then go for the Moto phone. Otherwise you are good to go with the Note 5 Lite.

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