Dell Chromebook 13 Review: Solid Performer

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Value For Moeny

While there may be many Chromebooks available in the market, it’s hard to find one which offers wholesome performance and right value for money. As a result, most people still go with Windows or Apple, completely neglecting the Chromebook. Dell is here to change this, with its new Chromebook 13.

Chromebook 13 Design

On the outside, the Chromebook 13 looks very close to the previous Dell Chromebook 11. The design is subtle and refined. The notebook is covered by gunmetal grey magnesium alloy body, with a carbon fiber weave on its lid with the shiny Dell logo embedded in the center. The device takes inspiration from the Pixel in terms of styling and built.

dell chromebook 13 topThe overall built quality of the laptop is top-notch. It does feel a little thick (0.84 inches) and a little heavy (at 3.23 pounds), but this makes the laptop built strong and premium. Working on the laptop doesn’t make the device feel cheaply built, and gives a classy feel, just as it should be.

The Chromebook 13 also has a nice pair of built-in speakers for audio output. The sound from these isn’t as good as the Toshiba Chromebook  2 (which has Skullcandy speakers built-in), but is still pretty solid. The sound is clean, crisp, doesn’t break at high volume and offers great playback at even low volume.

For the ports on the device, it offers all essential ports needed. It has 2 USB ports, one of them being 3.0 and the other 2.0, one HDMI connection, a headphone jack and a microSD card slot. The microSD card slot comes off as a disappointment, as we feel that the laptop should have offered a full sized SD card slot instead. On the optics, the laptop has a 720p camera for video calls, which is good, but nothing too great.


dell chromebook 13 keypadThe Dell Chromebook 13 offers a stunning 1080 p display on its 13-inch screen. The display is sharp, and offers vivid colors. While Dell says that the screen is an IPS display, the viewing angles are not the best and other more expensive laptops have better angles. Overall, the display is a wonderful one.


The Chromebook offers Intel’s new Celeron 3205U processor on the base model of the device, which is a big jump over the N2840 used in Toshiba Chromebook 2. The Celeron 3205U works like a charm too, rarely slowing down at all.

What is fascinating about the new Chromebook is that it offers wide options of customizing the hardware configurations. You get the Celeron 3205U processor along with 4GB RAM and a 16GB SSD on the base model (at $429). This can be upgraded by paying more money. The processor can be upgraded to i3 or i5. The storage can be upgraded to 32GB as well, and also the RAM can be upgraded to 8GB. One can even opt for a touchscreen variant.


The battery life promised by Dell is upto 12 hours, and the Chromebook lives up to the mark. Even with the HD video playback, with adequate screen brightness, the battery lasted for more than 10 hours. The charging on the device is pretty fast as well, giving around 40 percent in just 30 mins of charge, and 100 percent in about 90 minutes.


The Dell Chromebook 13 is not like the previous generation devices which run the Chrome OS. This is definitely the Chromebook of the future, as it offers high quality performance. It does cost more than other alternatives, but it does true justice to every dollar spent. With this revolution on the hardware for Chrome OS, we are most likely to see more and more people opting for Chromebooks instead of Windows or Mac even.

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