Dhoom 3 Game Review

Dhoom 3 Game

Dhoom 3 GameThe much awaited action thriller, Dhoom 3 would be releasing next month and 99Games have released a mobile game for the promotion of the same. The trend of releasing a game prior to a big movie release has become quite common now. But most of the times the games are just for the marketing sake and lack any quality in terms of game play and graphics. The controls of such games are terrible to say the least. Does Dhoom 3 game be able to change all this? Let’s check out.

GameplayDhoom 3 Game

The game starts with the protagonist, Aamir Khan on his black bike being chased by 2 cops and one chopper. You can hear Chicago Police giving out instructions and co-ordinating throughout the chase. You got to zoom past local vehicles and police cars. On the way, you need to collect the coins just like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. If you don’t hit the any object upfront and just have a minor contact, you would not fall down. In this case, your speed would slow down and cops would be able to catch up with you. Meanwhile, the chopper is busy tracking you and as the Dhoom 3 game progresses, it would start dropping bombs on you!

GraphicsDhoom 3 Game

Dhoom 3 game has the first of its kind graphics if we talk about the Indian movies promotional games.  The game loads quickly and when you start playing the, you would find that the graphics match the levels of Midtown Madness 2. The look and feel of the Chicago streets is bang on. The passing cars have been modelled with craft. Hats off to the team for the cool chopper who would keep hovering above you every now and then and drop bombs!

ControlsDhoom 3 Game

Dhoom 3 game offers you dual control option. You can either play using the motion sensor of your smartphone and simply tilt the phone right or left or you can turn off the motion sensor and manage your bike by tapping on the screen. Now this option is first of its kind and left us really impressed. If you try to play Temple Run while lying down in your bed, you can hardly control your runner because the motion sensor can only be controlled while we are sitting. Dhoom 3 game eliminates this issue. Also, the motion control is really easy to master and you would not find yourself getting irritated because the controls are not too sensitive, quite optimal.

Background Score

You would be listening to the adrenalin pumping and now iconic Dhoom track throughout the game. In between, you can hear Chicago Police’s chopper trying to co-ordinate with the cops on the bike. The chopper noise, especially when it closed down on you is enthralling.


Dhoom 3 game comes at a time when the Indian gaming industry is still finding its way to match the international levels. The game quality and the controls really impressed us and to think that Dhoom 3 game is just a movie promotion thing would be quite immature. The developers have done a remarkable job and the game is available across all three major platforms, i.e. Android Playstore, Apple iTunes and Windows App+Game Store.

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