Do I Need To Upgrade The RAM?

Sony Vaio Fit 15E

Sony Vaio Fit 15EThis is one question which keeps popping up in our minds whenever our desktop/laptop/notebook turns a year or two old. These days a 4 GB RAM has become a norm but the manufacturers also keep the option open in their devices to upgrade the RAM upto atleast 8 GB. For this, they provide an extra slot where the RAM chip could be inserted and it could be doubled. There was a time when computer RAM was expensive but not anymore. So, the question arises, do I need to upgrade the RAM?

Well, most of us who use a laptop, use it for our day to day work. This includes listening music, watching HD movies, creating powerpoint presentations and building documents. If you are a student or a coder, then chances are you might also use your system for working on light software like Adobe Dreamweaver, Netbeans etc. Such softwares eat up around 1.5 GB of storage space and work efficiently in 4 GB RAM. After that comes the office work. If you run your own small business or use your laptop for your office work, a 4 GB RAM is again sufficient. Infact if you have a desktop installed at your workplace, you would notice that the maximum RAM which your office is providing is 4 GB and such configuration might not be present on all the systems.

Who All Need To Upgrade The RAM?

Well, the people who actually require additional RAM already know they do! People who are running virtual machines on their systems which could simulate an altogether different operating system or complex software would need to upgrade the RAM. Animators and people working in designer industry or those creating games and VFX, require more RAM. People who use their systems for gaming purpose also need to upgrade the RAM every now and then but the percentage of such people is really low because serious gamers love to play on a dedicated console.

If Not On RAM, Where Should I Spend My Money Instead?

There are several other accessories which are required by people who make use of their systems for normal tasks. First of all, an external hard disk is a must. It is an easy way to back up your data and also comes in handy when you are running out of storage space on your system. The second thing which you should definitely spend your hard earned money on is SSD drive. This Solid State Drive stores the data persistently. It helps to store your software and operating system and speed them up too. These are the times of innovations and companies are coming up with new and cool products. WD has launched a Dual Drive Black 2 which doubles up a a 1 TB external hard disk and SSD disk. The best part is that this dual drive is only 2.5 inch in size. The third thing to spend on is a state of art processor. If you have to choose between a system with high RAM and say i3/i5 processor and a system with 4 GB RAM and i5/i7 processor, we would advice you to go for the latter one any given day. A faster processor coupled with a good amount of RAM like 4 GB would give you a superb performance. Hope we have managed to give you a better understanding on whether to upgrade the RAM or not. We would love to hear it from you so kindly share your viewpoint as well!

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