Everything To Know About Windows Lumia Denim Update

Windows Phone OS

Updates to a smart phone OS never fails to excite users. Dismiss from mind, the timely updates we get for Windows desktop OS. There is nothing to get excited about that. On the other hand the smart phone updates bring in curious new features, tinkered interface and bug fixes if any.

Android has been providing regular OS updates and in turn naming all their releases in Alphabetical order (At present the latest version is the Android 5.0, Lollipop). Similarly Apple too recently provided iOS 8.1.3 update for iPhone users.

Maintaining sportsmanship, Microsoft has equipped itself for an update of its mobile OS. All the smart phones running on Windows 8.1 are eligible for this new update. Few handpicked features are exclusively for Lumia handsets, and the interface is dubbed as Windows Lumia Denim.

Microsoft had promised an update release by the end of 2014. Therefore you can expect a notification for the Windows Lumia Denim update very soon.

Cortana– the Virtual assistant similar to Siri was made available only in the USA by Microsoft. Now, with the Windows Lumia Denim update users from other countries too can use brilliant features of Cortana, with which one can communicate in usual spoken English. The Cortana can be activated by saying “Hey Cortana” and Cortana will get activated. This feature is supported for models Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon.

Lumia Camera- As soon as you install the Windows Lumia Denim update, you will notice that the Nokia Camera app will be renamed as Lumia camera. This is not the only change made. The app too takes a lot less time to start up/ capture as compared to the older version. With the new camera app, the software has been tweaked to give out sharper and clearer images as compared to the latter version. Additional features like dynamic flash and HDR have been added to help you fully utilise the hardware capabilities.

Additional facility that has been given with the update is the Moment capture option. With long press of the camera key, with the help of an 8.3 MP camera, the video immediately starts capturing at 4K at 24 fps.

Apps Corner- This is one of the most intriguing features. This will enable a user to group chosen applications to be visible under this list and other installed apps will not be visible/accessible. This option is perfectly suited if your friends/children get their hands on your phone often.

Virtual Private Network- Most of us do not have a clear idea on how to use this feature. This VPN facility will enable secure data transmission/reception at public Wi-Fi zones and will pipeline all the data through one single port.

Browser- Internet Explorer too has been beefed up to suit current standards and hence will now download, upload data and load pages rapidly in the Windows Lumia Denim update.

Messaging- The messaging application also has undergone some tinkering. The message can now be merged with respect to the recipient. Also the received messages can now be forwarded to another recipient, which was not previously possible.

Grouping- The long list of tiles that get accumulated over time can now be grouped into a folder and hence making it easier for the user to find installed apps.

Other miscellaneous features which will make its way to your smartphone after the Windows Lumia Denim update include customised snooze timing. Meaning you can set number of minutes to pass before the alarm sets off after snooze is activated.

Lohith Arcot
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