Exciting Stuff In CES 2014

People who have a good interest in technology would be aware of the next year’s CES. We think that such an exciting and interesting event should be brought in knowledge of those people also who are unaware of it. The logic being that when everyone is using a smartphone, tablet, computer, television or even a washing machine, then why the event where the future of every gadget is partially decided be lapped up by a few good men! CES stands for Consumer Electronic Show which is held every year in Las Vegas. This is the place where companies, developers and innovators come together in order to showcase the world the marvels or the blunders they have created. Next year, the event is scheduled to be held from January 7-10 and we would be trying to inform you about the exciting stuff in CES 2014.

Exciting Stuff In CES 2014 #1: LG G Flex

Curved screen phones are much in hype these days. Samsung has already rolled out in South Korea with the name of Samsung Galaxy Round and sadly, the phone has failed to enthral both the critics as well as the customers. It is a device which is not low on cost but on specifications and hardware so the response is understandable. Soon after the announcement of Galaxy Round, LG flexed its muscles and announced its own curved screen phone with the name of LG G Flex. Unlike Samsung, the phone is curved vertically and has gained admiration from several corners. The G Flex is expected to be showcased in its full glory in CES 2014. Apart from phones, expect LG to come up with LED televisions in order to counter the onslaught of Sony.

Exciting Stuff In CES 2014 #2: Sony Xperia Z1S

This phone has already been leaked by Sony on its international website. It is a kind of Xperia Z1 mini which would be based on the same architecture but lesser hardware. The buzz is that Sony would be launching it during the next year’s CES. PS4 accessory is also in the queue.

Exciting Stuff In CES 2014 #3: Samsung Galaxy S5 Teaser

With the poor sales of Galaxy S4, several corners in the market are touting for an early release of Galaxy S5 by Samsung. This is logical too as Samsung is losing competition to Iphone 5S. But launch of its flagship device in CES 2014 is highly unlikely as Galaxy S series is now an established one. However, like the last year, we are expecting Samsung to reveal a few secrets regarding the technology that we would be seeing in the next generation Galaxy. Also expect a few more Galaxy phones as Samsung likes to launch a new device every now and then. Improved variant of Galaxy Gear is also on cards.

Exciting Stuff In CES 2014 #4: Microsoft Talk

So this Bill Gates company has acquired the Finnish giant Nokia recently and we could be getting lots of updates and the equation regarding the future and how Microsoft aims to develop Nokia into a much much bigger brand. Expect Microsoft to tease about the next generation Surface Tablet.

Exciting Stuff In CES 2014 #5: Yahoo Surprise

Yahoo recently acquired an advertising network firm in a multi million dollar deal. Expect Yahoo to come up with its plans in order to counter attack the ever increasing prominence and monopoly of Google in the advertising- publishing universe. Also, Yahoo remains in the list of few remaining companies who have not invested properly in some or the other hardware. Google started with nexus, Amazon with Kindle tablets and Microsoft with Surface ones. Who knows, Yahoo might surprise on and all with something really cool.

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