Expensive Iphone 5C and 5S Launched!

Iphone 5C
Image Credits: www.apple.com/in/

Apple has just now launched the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited Expensive Iphone 5C and 5S. Yes, we call it expensive Iphone 5C  as it comes with a price tag of 469 Pounds. Convert that to Indian currency and it becomes a whopping 46,900 INR! This is the price of 16 GB variant. The 32 GB variant of Expensive Iphone 5C would come at a price tag of 549 Pounds. Was someone saying that it is a cheaper variant of Iphone and that too for emerging markets! These prices are contract free and whenever this phone gets launched in India, expect the prices too be a few thousand bucks lesser. Still it would cost more than Samsung Galaxy S4.

Expensive Iphone 5C Specifications

The “Cheaper” Iphone would come with a 4 inch Retina Display. It is made up of all plastic. Guess now fanboys/fangirls would not be able to make fun of Samsung fanboys/fangirls(No gender bias!). It would come in a range of colours from red to cyan to green. It also got a better battery life than Iphone 5. Whether it carries a Finger Print sensor or not is not known.

Iphone 5 Stopped

First and foremost, Iphone 5 which was launched last year would no longer be in production. So all those who are using it currently, you have a collectors item in hand. All thanks to Apple! They have replaced it with the latest Iphone 5S which was also launched today.

Iphone 5S

Iphone 5S
Image Credits: www.apple.com/in/

Talking about this elder sibling of Expensive Iphone 5C, it would carry the same 4 inch Retina Display. The thing that distinguishes it from the Expensive Iphone 5C is the Built and the Camera. It is all Aluminium smartphone. The camera is much better with Auto Image Stabilization Technology. A Motion Change Camera can shoot videos at 120 fps(Nearest contender, LG G Pro has 60 fps). You can slow down or speed up any element of a video. Now the USP. Apple’s proprietary technology, TouchID, a biometric sensor has been imbibed in Iphone 5S. With this, you can scan your finger to unlock Iphone 5S. You can even store the fingerprints of multiple fingers. In order to purchase something, Payments can also be made on Itunes with this Biometric Sensor. This feature is really cool and a step ahead towards the future.

Iphone 5S is available in Silver, Gold and Space Grey colours. Iphone 5S being the premium device, would come with a price tag of 549 Pounds. This is for the 16 GB version. The 64 GB version would make you poorer by 709 Pounds. These prices are for the unlocked versions. Both, Iphone 5s and Iphone 5C would be released in China, US and other markets on 20th September. Expensive Iphone 5C would also be available for pre-booking from 13th September. Like always, no news of India launch has been provided by Apple.

Would the Expensive Iphone 5C make its mark in India or even the international market. For that it would have to pass our Review tests with flying colours. Till then, see ya.

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