FOOD And RIDE: New Concept Of OLA Cabs


Ola has launched a new feature named Ola Café which is a new service provided by Ola Cabs that let users order food and will be delivered to them within 20 minutes, the service will be available in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and parts of Bangalore.

To do the same the user just has to update the app on their mobile choose and choose the new ‘Café’ option and then select their dish from the given menu of lunch, snacks or dinner. Then they can select from the two modes of payment COD or using OLA money, that’s it and then one can track their delivery just like they can track their cab and moreover can get in touch directly with the delivery guy.

What isn’t clear is that whether restaurants will feature this app or there are only specific restaurants with whom the company has collaborated.

Transformation of Facebook Messenger into new Whatsapp

Instant messaging apps are stealing the show from social networking sites and Facebook knows it and that is why they have decided to include a number of whole new features in its messenger app.

Features will include more sharing options, access for third party developers and the ability to host other services else than Facebook Messenger. It would let you pay for your friends and soon one will be able to message it mobile operator through the app and will be even able to keep up with the latest viral videos of the day.

In simple words, Mark Zukerberg and its team want to turn their messenger app into a whole new platform and moreover , according to the rumors the new features will be unveiled at the F8 conference going to be held on March 25.

Is LG your next Nexus Maker?

Google has been looking all over in search of a new partner for their Nexus Series. A few weeks ago it was thought that HUAWEI was the best up for the job but now it seems that they are going to link up with their old friend LG for the next version of their NEXUS series.

According to fresh reports Google executives went to the South Korea Headquarters of LG and the meeting was arranged to discuss the details regarding successor to the NEXUS 6, but no conformation has yet been made.

It is also heard that the new device will be called Nexus 7 even though there are already tabs running from the same name, maybe to save customers form the confusion or perhaps LG is working on a tab rather than a smartphone.

LG, which was earlier a partner in manufacturing of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 after which Motorola was given the opportunity to manufacture  Nexus 6.

It is not unusual for Google to visit one of its Android partner company’s headquarters but the media in South Korea are making a big deal out of it and according to them the project has been named ‘N000’.

It is early to say, but this year Google will want a device that can uplift the shuddering image its predecessor had left in the market and it will be interesting to see that which company will help Google do the same.