Future Pangs: Robots To Rule Us All


AndroidThe idea of an inanimate object coming to life has always spooked me. So a movie depicting such an instance haunts me for weeks on end. I Robot, Terminator, and Wall-E, just to name a few, depict such instances. The AI gone mad and the devil possessed robot are the right ingredients for a blockbuster, but have you ever stopped for a while and wondered how life would be if these on-screen, life-wrecking, human-made-now-gone-mad entities came into being.

Rejoice? Is that what you would do? Goodbye manual work, Hello automatic! Well, studies say after the initial human interference to bring these entities to life, in a short while, these would be self-sufficient and self-evolving and would not need a human to look after it. Ah, just another study? Whoever says that? Well, for starters, these are the words of Stephen Hawking. The world famous scientists Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark and Frank Wilczek reiterate the same words in ‘The Independent’ in the UK.

Stephen Hawking has warned us all against the impending dangers of Siri, Google Now and Cortana. The scientists have stated in ‘The Independent’ that the benefits of these technologies are many but its long term impact can be much worse than one can imagine. Handing all the imaginable work down to be automatically and technologically completed can prove to be hazardous in the long run. They prophesy that there would come a time when the AI would be able to update and upgrade itself without the assistance of a human being.

The Earth is teeming with enough living beings that are constantly at each other’s throat. A new addiction to the population would prove to be fatal in the long run. Smiling, are you? Think the idea itself is outlandish? These world famous scientists say that as the technology develops, one can clearly imagine computers outsmarting humans – the human researchers will be out-invented, financial markets will be manipulated and so will be the human leaders. The AI will develop such complex weapons that a human brain could not even understand.

Thus, going by the short term impact, it depends on who controls it – whether it is in the hands of safe people or might reach the hands of the uninspiring few. However, the long term impact simply depends on the human ability to control the AI/robots altogether!

But the danger looms in the not-so-far away future. We can work on it while there is still time. A car which drives runs all by itself, an IA which has an answer for everything, a robot which would do all the household chores, however, enticing it sounds at the moment, in the long run they would be capable to carry out actions without a command. They would be just like humans sans the heart.