Game Review: Wrestling Revolution

For long, we have waited for a wrestling game which is realistic and comes with a fun element. While such games have been readily available for PC, Mac, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Wi, there has been dearth of good wrestling games for Mobile and Tablet users. But we found an extremely enjoyable and realistic game for mobile users, Wrestling Revolution.

Wrestling Revolution is a single player game by MDickie. The game starts with an option to choose Chinese, English and Japanese languages. Then, you can select game play options like Computer difficulty level, referees, interferences, managers, camera angles, animated or static crowd and so on. All these options remind us of any full fledged computer game.

Wrestling RevolutionOnce you start with your career, you have to build your wrestler. Select male or female and assign a name, physical aspects like height, beard, hair, clothes etc. You also get to choose your wrestlers gimmicks from a wide variety available. Options to select moves and relationships with other wrestlers is also available.Wrestling Revolution One of the good part of Wrestling Revolution is that the moves can be chosen from hundreds of different options. You get to see the animated version of a move before selecting it. You even have a gym with your manager or boss as your personal trainer. There, you can workout and increase your fitness, stamina, strength and agility.

Screenshot_2013-10-05-02-16-16Coming to the game-play of Wrestling Revolution. The controls are really easy and you can handle your fighter with utter ease. It got all the wrestling types like one on one, tag team, royal rumble, last man standing, belt matches, barbed wire match, cage fight and so on. The list is endless and I can go on listing more. Some really interesting match types have been added like Exploding match. In this type of match, there are lot of dynamites present in the ring and when you slam the opponent on them, they explode; making the opponent weaker. In handicap match, numerous weapons are available and are scattered around in the arena. During random matches, bikes, chairs and ladders are present. You can ride a bike, sit on a chair, climb a ladder or even use them on the opponents just like real wrestling!

Wrestling RevolutionThere are no limits of number of wrestlers in action at a given time. There are royal rumble or 8 man tag matches happening with 10 or more wrestlers at a given time. The exciting features of Wrestling Revolution are that action keeps on happening backstage too. Interactions with other wrestlers who would often offer you assistance or ask for help or might even offer you stamina increasing pills are really engrossing.


In Wrestling Revolution, you initially fight in the wrestling school. Thereafter, you can switch to wrestling companies present in countries like United Kingdom, USA, Japan and others. Some of the bosses would play around with you like they would change your outfit and cut your hair. While you can deny going by what they want, these mean managers sometimes do not listen and end up having their way. The game is really awesome and the best thing is you get to control your career by choosing your own replies. The backstage and in stage chitchat is witty too. The game is available for free and has a setup size of 25.98 MB only. You can remove advertisements by purchasing the premium version.

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