Get Over Audi And Merc, Apple iCar Could Be Future

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Apple Inc, The brand which has set global standards with its jazzy and sleek products. It is the brand which fabricates artistic products so good that it makes people take a second glance at them. The one which revolutionised the world of smartphones and gadgets. With their line of out of the world products like iphone, ipad, Apple Watch, Mac book, ipod, and a good deal of other futuristic commodities you don’t know yet, Apple has redefined electronic goods with a blend of high class design and supreme quality.

Have you not always wanted to own that gorgeous Apple product? You might want to jot in one more entry in to your Apple bucket list as the open minded organisation has made plans to develop a car. Yes, a car. How does Apple iCar sound? Pretty elegant isn’t it?

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, previously during his public interaction had hinted about a new product Apple is developing and that no one knows about and did not specify what product it was.

Tim Cook had given a green signal to start the ground work for an electric car (Apple iCar) a year ago, according to reports from Mike Ramsey and Daisuke Wakabayashi from The Wall Street Journal.

However the ‘electric car’ business is not as rewarding as one would expects. Take for instance the market performance of the world leader in electric cars, Tesla. They have incurred a net loss of $108 million in the fourth quarter of last year.

You must be wondering why Apple would take such a gamble. The Apple Watch has not acquired much acclaim and has become a flop. But also the iPod was presumed to flop, however the product went on to reinvent music players. So you never know, you just have to take the calculated plunge and hope for the best.

Tim Cook’s focus was always to consider environmental effects and hence this could also have been one of the factors in the decision to go ahead with plans of an electric car.

The Cupertino based company; Apple plans to bring in around 1000 skilled workers for the development of an electric car. Steve Zadesky, VP at Apple has got a sanction to do the hiring.

Tim Cook, a while ago made comments that the television is stuck in the 70’s and needs heaps of improvement. Now we can anticipate a voguish iTv too.

Mickey Drexler, Apple board member stated that Steve Jobs would have designed an Apple iCar if he had been still alive. He says that cars have tremendous scope for better design.

Let us hope for a futuristic Apple icar will unexpected features that will overwhelm contemporary car designs.

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