Get Ready For DDR4 RAM Launch

Several people amongst us have been using DDR3 RAM for almost 4 years now. Most of the laptops we are using today come with 4 GB RAM with an option to increase it to 6 GB or 8 GB. What if we tell you that one year from now, you would be able to boost up the RAM in your laptop to 32 GB and make it a powerhouse! Guys, get ready for DDR4 RAM Launch next month.

DDR4(double data rate fourth generation) RAM is twice as fast as the current DDR3 version we are using. It also eats up less power and gives better efficiency. If we go into statistics then the power consumption per unit is around about 1/5 times lesser than DDR3. This means that big businesses, companies and banks would benefit hugely from the DDR4 RAM launch as they would be able to save thousands of bucks. In terms of processing power, this next generation SD RAM would provide humongous speeds and creative industry which comprise of designers, developers, people creating animations and special effects for movies would benefit.

DDR4 RAM launch is expected to occur next month but the question is when would it be available for the consumers? The sad new is that it would take around a year or so before the RAM actually starts getting manufactured for the use in day to day systems. Even then it would be a bit too expensive for everyone to afford. This is generally the case with all the new technologies and it takes around a year and a half before it gets into a position where it could be practically be made use of. Needless to say that DDR4 RAM would not be compatible with DDR3 or DDR2 RAMs because of the fact that it makes use of a completely different architecture of physical interfacing and signalling voltage. Also, the older motherboards would not support DDR4 RAM and if you are thinking of upgrading your system, next year would be a good time. But then again, it all depends upon your requirements and business/individual needs.

Ajay Gupta
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