Google Chromebooks Have A Bright Future

Samsung Chromebook 2

Samsung Chromebook 2Do you think the Chromebooks are the dying line of Laptops from Google? Wrong. On the contrary these the commercial market rose from a sluggish 0.2 percent to a whopping 9.6 percent between January and November according to an industry analysts NPD. During the Christmas season sale last year three out of four top selling laptops comprised of Google Chromebooks.

The Google Chromebooks are cheap and compact as compared to the Windows OS based counterparts. However the netbook category had lost its reputation and has suffered thoroughly even though they held up to 20 percent of mobile PC sales in the year 2009. But now with Chromebooks stepping in to market, they will surely conquer large chunks of the laptop market.

What is so special about the Chromebooks?

The traditional netbooks used to run mostly on Linux and was the main reason for the dwindling sales. The Google Chromebooks run on a new mobile OS which seems to be much popular than the Linux. The hardware is pretty well loaded along with the super-fast Intel Haswell processors.

 Now you might be thinking that the Chrome is just a browser, but actually it is a platform which has been providing us with numerous apps that work in the same way as any desktop OS applications would.

The Chromebooks are also majorly based on cloud computing and storage via which you can be connected to various devices and perform plentiful operations which you couldn’t with a standalone PC.

Moreover, the Google Chromebooks are less susceptible to malware and viruses. So you needn’t worry when a friend of yours connects a USB drive to your Chromebook.

Around six million laptops that were distributed to educational institutions, Businesses and other organisations in the US 1.6 million were Chromebooks according to US NPD. This is great growth for a new entrant. However in the UK even though the sales are not gigantic, they are all right with 45,000 units of Chromebooks being sold in Europe within the first quarter of 2014.

Chromebooks Are Yet To Rise.

This line of devices have grown tremendously but still are lacking a few necessary factors. Like the app store is still minimally listed and has to attract large number of third party app providers to make programs for Chrome. With many of the Google Chromebooks loaded with 2 GB RAM the interface might get sluggish over time.

 As Google is already known for revolutionary developments, we might get something out of the ordinary for the Chromebooks which will fuel their growth.

Lohith Arcot
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