Helpchat Review: All The Help You Need!

User Interface

India is a huge country with a huge population. There are more than 100 crore people and news, good or bad keeps pouring in. Saina won, Indian Cricket team lost, too much rains in Mumbai, pollution in Delhi etc etc. Then there are myriad number of social websites and useful apps. The ecosystem is all scattered. How do you piece it together?

The answer is Helpchat.

When you open the app, it will automatically detect your location and interests and customize the home-screen accordingly. So you have your Horoscope on the home page, best of social news, weather details including the pollution index of your area, sports schedule, movies and much more.

The next tab takes you to the app section. This is where few of the necessary applications are present. So I have Ola and Uber under transport section. The use of Helpchat is that they provide cashback with the first few rides. I tried this feature and was able to directly book the cab from the Helpchat interface. Plus, I got 20 percent cashback too. A decent deal.

The next thing which I liked was the personalized help that the ap offers. From laundry to tech to movies, health, education etc. there is a dedicated person with whom you can talk to. The person will suggest you the best places or services and the best deals alongside.

Helpchat makes part of its money from the affiliate commission it gets when its representative suggests you a product in the chat window. Saying that, I tested the authenticity of the information provided. I asked for help on a smartphone which costs less than Rs 3000. The good part was that the representative was unbiased in his selection and suggested me 4 smartphones. The person had some knowledge too.

Overall, Helpchat can be termed as the modern day Yahoo with much more features and a personalized touch in the form of direct chat. Their chat representatives are helpful and unbiased. If you are confused with the tech world and lost amongst thousands of services and apps, Helpchat will definitely simplify things for you.

Ajay Gupta
I founded NothingGeek to make Gadgets and technology simpler for you. Each day our team strives hard so that we stay true to our founding principle. You can reach me at the below mentioned social media platforms or you can find me in a Cricket field or at a gym near you!