How Does iPhone 6S Live Photos Work?

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Apple has been quick to point out that a Live Photo is not a video, and it appears the feature is enabled by combining a 12 megapixel JPG with a MOV file. Only the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can create Live Photos, but they are viewable on all iOS 9 devices. Live Photos will also be shareable on social media services like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Let’s see how it makes things interesting​, When you open the camera app, the iPhone 6S continually records video in the background, though it’s immediately discarded if you do nothing.
When you snap a shot, the phone saves a second and a half of video leading to that shot and continues recording until you get three seconds in all. Wait a few seconds before snapping your shot so that the video won’t show you moving the phone into position.

Likewise, resist dropping your camera right after taking the shot. The phone will detect that movement with an upcoming software update, so it can stop the video automatically. For now,
wait for a yellow LIVE box on the screen to disappear before moving.

Each Live Photo takes up about twice the storage of a regular photo. You can’t delete just the video part, but you can disable video recording by tapping a yellow circle on the screen.

Apple’s iCloud Photo Library​ service might free up some storage on your phone, but you might be better off buying an iPhone 6S with more storage to begin with.

As you can see, the JPG and MOV components took up 2.5 MB and 1.7 MB of space, respectively, for this Live Photo taken with the iPhone 6s back camera. Meanwhile, the front camera took a lower resolution 1 MB image, but with the same size 1.7 MB MOV file. The MOV resolution was 960×720 at ~12FPS for both sample Live Photos.

So is it worth a shot? or Is it boring?

Well some say it’s useless as we have a Camera for Picture and Video recording for video making. We don’t need something in between!

And some like the idea of 3 second recording as we can’t capture everything, but this feature provides a little extra. It’s like giving life to pictures, it’s all about the preferences. Well i’ll surely give it a try. As photographers love to experiment!

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