How To Locate Your Paytm Number

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Digital wallets are slowly and steadily gaining prominence in India and abroad. Chances are that you too might be making use of one. Paytm is used by a majority of people because it has partnered with a lot of companies whose services we require on daily basis. Paytm is also offering a lot of payback options while checking out these days.

Several apps ask for your paytm number and email ID in order to transfer any kind of cash of coupon to your Paytm account.

So what exactly is your Paytm number?

No matter how long I want to extend this mystery, it is rather a small thing which should not be stretched. The user Paytm number is the user phone number.

So you simply enter your phone number and the email ID which you associated with the Paytm account in order to attach Paytm to a particular app and transfer funds. Hope you found this useful.

Ajay Gupta
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