HP 5K TV Launched At CES

4k hd tv

2014 marked the beginning of 4K TVs, where the ‘4K’ or quad-HD (4 x 720p) means a resolution even higher than 1080p. And expanding its display line-up, American multinational Hewlett Packard or commonly known as HP, introduced two new TV models with 4K resolution (HP Z27s and HP Z24s) and the company’s first HP 5K TV model (HP Z272q) at the CES 2015, and HP also launched an extra-wide curved display – the HP ENC 34c 3000r.

The two 4K model that HP introduced – the Z24s comes with a 23.8 inch display and the Z27s packs a larger 27 inch display with a 16:9 wide-screen aspect ratio, the models offer pixel density of 185ppi and 163ppi respectively.

Both the TVs comes with usual connectivity features which include DisplayPort, CVI, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, MHL port, HDMI port and 4 USB 3.0 ports.

The company also announced their first ever HP 5K TV – HP Z27q which has a 27 inch display similar to Z27s except the the 5K resolution (5120 x 2800 pixels) with a 16:9 aspect ratio which give the TV a pixel density of 218 ppi.

The 23.8 inch HP Z24s will be available for purchase in April for $549 (Rs. 34,800 approx.) and the 27 inch HP Z27s will be available for purchase later this month for as price tag of $749 (Rs 47,400 Approx.)

Like the two 4K models, the HP 5K TV Z27q also comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports however the rest of connectivity features have not been revealed by HP as of now. What we do know, is that the HP Z27q will be hit the stores in March for a price tag of $1,299 (Rs 82,300 Approx.)

The HP ENVY 34c 3000r comes with a 34 inch curved display supporting a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels with a wider 21:9 aspect ratio. The TV also features two speakers on either side, and will be available for purchase starting April for $999 (Rs 63,300 Approx.)

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