HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation

htc desire 620g vs moto g 2nd

HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation: Design And Display

The design of Desire 620G is quite plain and simple. On the other hand, the Moto G gives the feel of a premium handset. The form-factor of the Moto G is smaller than the HTC Desire.

In terms of display, both the phones got a 5 inch HD screen with 320 dpi. Hence, the display is equally good on both the handsets.

Winner: Moto G 2nd Generation

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HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation: Performance

Here, the Desire 620G smartphone simply outperforms the Moto G. Antutu Benchmark gave Desire 620G a score of 32188 while the Moto G could manage only 18613.

Saying that, both the phones can carry multi-tasking easily. However, the Moto G cannot match HTC with the latter having 8 cores as compared to 4 cores of the former.

Winner: HTC Desire 620G

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HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation: Camera

Both the smartphones got a 8 MP rear camera. Below are the images which you can check out to compare the performance.

As you can see, the HTC Desire 620G outperforms the Moto G in this department as well. The amount of colours and the detailing is much more visible in the images clicked by the HTC Desire 620G.

If we talk about the front facing camera, HTC got 5 MP one and there is 2 MP front facing camera on the Moto G 2nd generation smartphone. Surprisingly, Moto G, with its 2 MP camera, was able to click better images with more light and details.

Winner: Tie

HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation: Battery Life

htc desire 620g vs moto g 2nd 2This is again too close. HTC got a 2100 mAh battery while the Moto G got a 2070 mAh battery under the hood. With HTC running on 8 cores, I was quite unsure whether the 2100 MAh battery will be enough. However, the phone surprised me and provided a solid battery backup. Expect both the phones to be alive for a good 8-9 hours with moderate usage.

HTC Desire 620G Vs Moto G 2nd Generation: Software

While the HTC smartphone is currently on Android KitKat 4.4.2 operating system, the Moto G smartphone operates on KitKat 4.4.4. Motorola will be the first one to be get upgraded to Android Lollipop while HTC will take some time to release the update. However, both the smartphones are quite stable and I didn’t come across any instability or crashes.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict: Tie

Well, a tie in our showdown happens only rarely but this is one of those moments. Both the phones gave their best but couldn’t defeat each other!

If you want a power horse in your hand with whom you can play heaviest games, go for HTC Desire 620G smartphone. If you prefer a smaller phone but with an equal sized display and a premium built, go for Moto G 2nd Generation.