Infocus Bingo 21 Review: Rocking Budget Phone

infocus bingo 21
Battery Life
Value For Money

Design And Display
The Infocus Bingo is a phone which fits easily in the palm and can be operated using a single hand only. infocus bingo 21 bottom navigation buttonsThe bottom navigation buttons are present on the display itself, so you need not worry whether they are back lit. infocus bingo 21 backplateThe phone is complete plastic, something you cannot get rid of at a price point of Rs 5499. The sides come in 3 different colours, the above one is blue model. However, the back plate seems cheap due to the design it carries. I am not too happy with the positioning of the side buttons as they are present on the left hand side of the phone. The left handed people will find it convenient to use but the case is not the same with the right handed people.

infocus bingo 21 sar valueThe backplate can be removed and therein you can pop in the battery. The SAR value of the head is 0.95 and that of the body is 1.19. This is well below the safety limit of 1.6 W/Kg.

infocus bingo 21 backI can pop in 2 Sim cards and a micro SD card in the Infocus Bingo 21.

The phone has a FWVGA display of 4.5 inch. It is not your fancy HD or Full HD stuff but it is a promising one. The colours look good and when you view the phone from the sides, they do not wash out. I am happy with the display and the touch too is a premium one.

A quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM is what we have inside the Infocus Bingo 21 smartphone. At this kind of price, usually we have 1 GB going but 2 GB is really necessary as the apps are getting heavier by the day.

The phone gets a score of 24000+ on the Antutu benchmark.

infocus bingo 21 antutu scoreinfocus bingo 21 geekbench3 scoreFor regular users: You can run multiple apps and the user interface too is smooth.

For gamers: Not a phone for heavy gaming but yes you can expect a decent gaming experience. Games like Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2 can be played. Mortal Combat 5 and Walking War Robots do not run smoothly.

When you press the recent apps navigation button at the bottom, you are presented with a task manager option. Touch it and you would get a brush to force close the unnecessary background apps. This is an easy way to free up the RAM and also save on the battery.

Thinks of a rear camera with 8 Mp capacity in today’s times and you would say that it won’t be able to do much. This is not the case with this phone. Infocus has used a good quality lens and it shows. Check the images down below.

The 5 Mp front facing camera is impressive and clicks really good selfies. As an add on, we have a flash in the front which can also act as a permanent light source while clicking selfies. The Infocus Bingo 21 has the best camera in its segment.

Battery Life
infocus bingo 21 batteryA 2300 mAh battery is what we have under the hood of this phone. It is a removable battery and comes in the box and you have to put it in the phone. Overall, the phone gives out a decent battery backup since the display, which eats up most of the power, is not much demanding. Also, there is a power saving mode which helps when you are running low on juice.

Infocus has done justice with Bingo 21. It is a budget phone and company has not overdone things. They have kept things simple and sweet and the end result is positive. 2 GB of RAM, good quality camera and a decent user interface, these are all the ingredients of a good phone.

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