Infocus Bingo 50 Review: The Budget Warrior

infocus bingo 50
Value For Money

Design And Display
The first thing that you will notice about the Infocus Bingo 50 smartphone is that curved back which has a sandstone finish. This makes the phone look like a premium one and it is not slippery at all. However, it is not a pleasant feeling when you hold it and some people might not like the sandstone finish. infocus bingo 50 sandstone backKeeping this thing in mind, Infocus has also made a second variant in the market available with a leather finish.

We have a 5 inch HD display on the phone. I am personally a fan of 5 inch displays since they fit easily in the palm and can be operated using a single hand only. Thus, I am happy with the neat display of the Infocus Bingo 50 which offers good colours and proper touch control.

The phone is powered by a MediaTek quad core processor and comes with 3 GB of RAM. The Antutu benchmark says that the phone can touch a score of 30,000 plus. This is decent enough for a budget device.

Regular users: Multi-tasking is super smooth on the Infocus Bingo 50 smartphone. There is no heating up while running multiple applications and no slowing down too. The 3 GB RAM ensures that all the apps get their fair share of RAM.

Gamers: The phone can handle light to medium games really well. Heavier games like Walking War Robots, Dead Trigger 2 and Asphalt 8 Airborne work smoothly. However, if you go for even heavier games, you might experience few lags.

We have a 8 Mp rear camera on this phone. The images below say that the phone can click average images. Focusing is not that good and proper lights are needed for an image to be visible in its full glory.

On the other hand, I am happy with the 8 Mp front facing camera. It can click good selfies and why not, Infocus has a history of producing phones which can click good images via the front facing camera.

Battery Life
infocus bingo 50 batteryWe have a 2500 mAh battery powering up this phone. It is an average battery which will last for a day if you are a light user. However, most of the users make use of full features of a smartphone these days. Expect the battery to last till 6 pm with a full charge at 8 am in the morning with a moderate usage.

With its Bingo 50, Infocus has pumped in new life in the budget segment. The pricing seems right and it is a decent product. Go for it if you are looking at a 5 inch phone with a crisp display and a decent front facing camera.

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