Ipad 2 Price Sees A Jump

Image Credits: www.apple.com/in
Image Credits: www.apple.com/in

The usual norm is that whenever a new product is about to launch in the market,  the older version of the same product gets a price cut. Many users wait for this to happen and then purchase the older version at a relatively cheap price. Apple seems to have stunned its lovers by increasing the Ipad 2 price just before the official launch of Ipad Air on December 7.

Ipad 2 which was earlier selling at a price of Rs 24,500, is now listed at Rs 28,900, a jump of Rs 4400. This is the Wifi only version we are talking about. The Wifi+ Cellular variant has also become expensive and would now cost you Rs 37,900. When we compare it to the earlier price, the Wifi+ cellular Ipad 2 price have been increased by a good 5000 bucks. Not only the Ipad 2 price, Apple has also increased the price of Ipad Mini by a 1000 bucks. Both, Ipad 2 and Ipad Mini are 2 older devices and don’t have much to boast about and have started ageing already. We would say that it is a rather bad move on Apple’s part as it would deter most of the people who might be thinking of changing base from Android to Apple tablet. The fanboys would not be pleased too!

Technical Specifications Of Ipad 2

Ipad 2 comes with a 9.7 inch screen with 132 pixels per inch. The screen is scratch resistant but there is no Gorilla Glass protection. A dual core 1 Ghz processor and 512 MB RAM complete the innards. The chipset used is based on the older A9 architecture which is inferior to the latest Krait Core architecture. The device features a 0.7 MP primary camera and a secondary VGA camera for facetime and self snaps. A 6930 mAh Lithium Polymer battery powers up Ipad 2 and the tablet comes with a 16 GB storage capacity. The Wifi only Ipad 2 would cost you Rs 28,900/-and the Wifi+ Cellular(the one from which you can make calls) variant comes at a price of Rs 37,900.

Technical Specifications Of Ipad Mini

Ipad Mini comes with a 7.9 inch touchscreen with 162 pixels per inch. A 512 MB RAM and a dual core 1 Ghz Cortex A9 processor complete the innards. Ipad Mini has a better camera than Ipad 2. A primary 5 MP autofocus camera can record FULL HD videos at 30 frames per second and a secondary front facing camera of 1.2 MP can capture HD videos. This tablet with 16 GB storage would cost you Rs 30,900 and is available in black or white colour options.

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