It’s Facebook Vs YouTube Now


In a new move by Facebook, the social media giant giant has decided to introduce a kind of video feed to the pages created by the users. This move is surely going to initiate a Facebook Vs YouTube war.

As most of us know that the Facebook pages are used to share content which is common to masses. People like the pages and the content of these pages is shared to their wall. Seldom do the users visit a page which is not created by them. Most of the times the content is viewed only when a user gets something of his/her interest on the news feed.

Off late, due to an increase in the similar kind of pages, a lot many of them are dying out. Facebook’s algorithm has to select the best content which is displayed on the followers feed. This is in a way right but then it is affecting Facebook’s business. Thus, they have now decided to offer page administrators an option to build a section full of videos.

The interesting part is that the video wall resembles YouTube homepage in many ways and thus, could initiate a Facebook vs YouTube war.

The page administrators will soon have option to upload a featured video clip or choose one from many available and it will be displayed at the top of the page. This will then be followed by playlist segregated according to genres.

This kind of concept is very much on the lines of what YouTube has to offer. The only difference being that the page will be blue in colour which is Facebook’s theme from the starting.

The best comes now. Like YouTube, users will also be able to monetize their videos through Facebook ads. This is pretty cool and will start the Facebook vs YouTube war.

Pretty soon, when you make a cool video and want it to show to the world, you will have two choices, Facebook and YouTube. It is you  who have to decide where to upload the video. Money will flow in from both the sources but you got to select the best one!