iVoomi Me1 Review: Good Battery But Average Performance

ivoomi me 1
Battery Life
Value For Money

Budget handsets are doing well in the Indian market these days. People have an aspirational value attached to a smartphone and gone are the days of the feature phones. Eyeing this trend, more and more brands are coming up with phones which are aimed at the lower end of the market. One such phone which I reviewed was iVoomi Me1.

Design and Display

ivoomi me 1 backThe iVoomi Me1 surprised me in terms of design. The back has a rubberised and comfortable feel which makes it good to grip. At the price point the company is offering this phone, it has agood feel and build quality attached to it.

ivoomi me 1 displayMoving to the display now, the phone comes with 5 inch HD display which is not seen in several of the phones in this range. Though the display is HD, it lacks the premium factor which a HD display generally provides. Again, at a price point of 4299 (even lesser online), there is less scope of complaint.

Overall, the phone manages to provide a decent look and feel to it.


A quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM is powering the phone. I ran Antutu benchmark on this phone and the phone managed a score of around 24000. The thing is that the phone is built for light apps and regular daily usage. Still, if you run multiple apps on the phone, there is visible lagging. Most of the times, I am fine with an average camera and an average build quality. But when it comes to the performance, there should be some minimal standards as the user’s primary concern always remains the performance.


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The phone has a 5 MP camera at the back and a 5 MP camera at the front. The company has done a decent work in this area. When there are optimal lights, the images come out well. There is a flash too at the back. Check out the camera images below.


This is a strong point of the iVoomi Me1 smartphone. The battery comes separately with the device and you need to pop it in. The back-plate can be removed easily in order to put in the battery. A 3000 mAh battery is a rare sight at this kind of price. The phone performs well in the battery front and easily lasts a day and sometimes more.


The phone does not costs much and provides a good battery backup and an okayish camera. The build is also decent. However, the performance is not upto the mark. This is one area where iVoomi can make its device better.

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