JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker Review

JBL Flip portable wireless speaker

These days we are always on the move and can seldom listen to the music on the multi channel, surround sound, 4 in 1, 5 in 1 and several other speakers. Taking the whole setup from one room to the other is also not easy. So, what is the solution? Portable speakers are the in thing today because of the kind of functionality and ease of use they provide. We reviewed the JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker and here is what we experienced.

Design And BuildJBL Flip Wireless portable speaker

The JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker has a cylindrical shape which brings back memories of old radio sets in our homes. Bluetooth and Aux in are present as the supported connectivity options. There is a power on/off button, volume up/down button and handsfree button for initiating voice calls on the speaker. The charger comes with double attachments. One is the round pin plug and other is the flat one. Different countries have different kind of switch ports, so you would not find yourself in a fix.

In terms of build, the speaker is premium and it shows when you look at it. Almost 70 percent of the portion is made up of a solid metallic speaker grill. The weight is light and the JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker is a cool piece of device to flaunt. And why not…they have been designed by Harman after all!

PerformanceJBL Flip Wireless portable speaker

The JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker has a SNR of 80 db. Now, we would not go into the technical figures but would tell you about the joy of listening. The sound quality which this speaker gives out is bang on. It is of the highest quality with a solid base. Infact, these speakers are much better than what you would get in investing in low quality complete speaker system.

You have to simply turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile/tablet/laptop and connect it to the JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker. The hands free feature for voice calling is also supported by this device. What makes it more exciting is the built in microphone functionality. This way, you can directly talk to the other person without picking up your mobile. AUX wire connection is also available.


The battery requires 3 hours to charge to its full capacity. It then gives you non stop playback of upto 5 hours. In real conditions, the uptime can vary from 4.5- 5 hours. The speaker automatically goes to standby if left unused. JBL has done a good job with the battery life and the JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker would not disappoint you on this front.

Verdict   [usr=4.5]

The JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker currently comes at a price of Rs 5500/- Some people might feel that it is a bit over priced considering the fact that many other companies are selling their 3/4 speaker system at a similar price. First of all, this portable speaker cannot be compared to those complete speaker systems because it is aimed at a completely different usage. The sound clarity, the battery uptime, the base and the robustness are all present in the JBL Flip Portable Wireless Speaker. The only drawback is that it does not supports NFC. And yeah, you also get a cool JBL pouch for carrying your portable speaker safely. Smile!

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