Jeff Bezos Offers Donald Trump A Space Trip

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Donald Trump has been the centre of controversies since he announced that he would be running for the US President. He has been openly criticising religions, people, some laws, celebrities etc. One such famous man who got a strong disapproval from him recently is- Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

The Amazon CEO mentioned in a tweet, using hashtag #sendDonaldtospace about sending Donald Trump to space in Amazon’s reusable rocket Blue Origin.

This all started after Trump had accused Bezos and his company of indulging in unfair tax practices. According to Trump, if Amazon would have paid taxes fairly, its stocks would have crashed by now and the company would have finished like a crumbled paper bag.

Trump has been making a lot of controversial statements in front of the media and is accusing one or the other man citing one or the other reason. Even he has not been sparing his own party’s members.

Jeff Bezos’ response though was pretty humorous and the response in a way was epic. Though representatives from both Amazon and Trump’s side refused to comment anything on the issue or let’s say on the Twitter war.

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