Lenovo A7000 Vs Yu Yureka

lenovo a7000 vs yu yureka

Lenovo A7000 Vs Yu Yureka: Design And Display

Both the phones sport a 5.5 inch HD display. The viewing angles and the colour richness is good enough. The touch is smooth on both the phones and is well within control.

As far as the build quality is concerned, I am not happy with the cheap plastic build of the A7000. Moreover, the display is probe to smudges. On the other hand, the Yu Yureka is also plastic but has this foam coating at the back which makes the phone look premium and provides a firm grip to the users.

Winner: Yu Yureka

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Lenovo A7000 Vs Yu Yureka: Performance

Both the phones are powered up by 2 GB RAM and an octa core processor. While the Lenovo A7000 has a Mediatek’s CPU, the Yureka boasts of a Qualcomm CPU.

I ran Antutu Benchmarks on both the handsets and the results were pretty similar. The A7000 managed a score of 41,000 while the Yureka stood at 38,000. So what does this imply for you?

Multitasking is a piece of cake on both these handsets. Heavy gaming and watching videos and movies is a treat and the phones have enough power to keep away from lags and frame drops.

Winner: Tie

Lenovo A7000 Vs Yu Yureka: Camera

The 13 MP rear cam of the A7000 performs slightly better than Yu Yureka which has a similar MegaPixel count. When it comes to the front facing camera, the Yureka scores ahead with detailed images and good colours. So, both the handsets perform better in one department and we do not have a clear winner here.

Winner: Tie

Lenovo A7000 Vs Yu Yureka: Battery

I have a 2900 mAh battery on the A7000 and a 2550 mAh on the Yureka. If I talk about the battery uptime on moderate usage, there is no distinction between the former and the latter. From Yureka, inspite of having a slightly smaller battery, I got a complete day’s juice.

Winner: Tie

Verdict: Yu Yureka Wins

It was a really close Showdown in several areas. Surprisingly, Yu Yureka, inspite of being an older device than the Lenovo A7000, managed to hold its ground and beat the latter.

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