Leo’s Fortune Review: Special In Every Way

leo's fortune1

Leo’s fortune had been making a fortune on iOS for a while before its Android version was shown off at the Google I/O 2014. Obviously its takes a special game to be worthy of such a big stage introduction, and Leo’s Fortune is special in every way. The game is equal parts game and art, and is a likely contender for mobile gaming world’s hall of fame.


Leo’s Fortune tells the adventures of Leo Paul, the grand inventor of the greatest engineering. He used to be rich and fortunate but some clever theives stole all his treasures and left a trail of coins on the road like breakcrumbs. Leo is only a living ball of fur with a moustache to beat to get to the end of this mess and return his belongings. And that’s how the fairy tail begins.


leo's fortune2As Leo follows along the trail of gold, the beautiful forests from the beginning quickly becomes and underground layer full of all kinds of mechanical dangers, lava pits, shaking platforms, lifts and a whole lot of deadly spikes.

After playing for a while you will realise that leo is exceptionally agile for a moustache downing furball. He can handle running, jumping and climbing with these while his special maneuver, Inflating lets him get around a variety of dangerous contraptions.


Directing Leo around the world is simple, thanks to the streamlined controls.

Touching anywhere on the left half of the touch screen brings up a slider indicating Leo Paul’s relative speed. Moving your thumbs either left or right will start Leo in the desired direction.

The right side of the touch screen controls Leo’s inflation. Sliding up lets him inflate causing him to jump and float, while swiping down sends him crashing to earth.


leo's fortune3Leo paul might seem like a silly protagonist to play as, and the fairytale troves might not go down well with the Call of Duty and Clash of Titans crowd. But the 4 people team at 1337 and Senri has crafted the work of love and have given intimate attention to details all while ending up in supremely balanced game along the way. Leo’s fortune is as much about its vivid, hand-drawn back drops and impeccable soundtrack as its about fun challenging platforming.


It’s the simple but challenging mechanics that kept Flappy Bird players glued to the screen, but Leo’s Fortune is a full blown game and not a mere distraction. The gameplay’s simplicity does let you play it as a quick distraction.

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