LG 42LM6700 LED 3D Tv By GreenDust Review: Truth Behind Refurbished

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All of us have at some point thought of buying a refurbished product (mobile, television, refrigerator etc) from a nearby store which sells these products. But then, many people do not buy such products because we do have concerns regarding the damage, scratches and to top it all the after sale service. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if their is a single firm who handles all these worries at their end for you?

GreenDust is one such firm. The company sells refurbished, unused or unboxed gadgets and appliances online. In order to check the truth behind these refurbished products, I reviewed the LG 42LM6700 LED 3D Tv.

This television was launched a year back and costs Rs 98,000. However, GreenDust offered me it at a price of Rs 60,695. It is 39 percent less than the market price.

Delivery And Packaging

lg led tv greendustThe LG LED 3D Tv came on time. Two people delivered it to my place safely. The television was packed like you buy a brand new device from the showroom. Accessories like the remote, glasses, batteries etc were all intact inside the box. The television itself was packed neatly in a big silver cover which offered good protection to it. After I took it out from the cover, I was surprised to see a plastic covering on the display. This was done to further ensure that the display remains dust and scratch free.

The Truth Behind Refurbished LG 42LM6700 LED 3D Tv

So everything was already in the box and nothing was amiss. It didn’t take me long to assemble the television. The big 42 inch display was completely scratch free and as good as new. The stand had some minor scratches but that can be overlooked easily and wasn’t a matter of worry.

All the 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and the Set top box connecting sockets worked perfectly.

lg 3d glassesA special word goes to GreenDust for delivering the 3D glasses which were as good as new in the refurbished LED tv.

The television works flawlessly and so does the motion sensing remote control. I have seen a common issue in the refurbished television sets which people buy from local shops is that the accessories are severely damaged, the USB ports or the HDMI ports do not work or the display might be spoiled with some minor scratches. I did not experience any such thing on the LG Led Tv which I got from GreenDust.


GreenDust ensured that my experience with the refurbished LG LED Tv remained at par with a new television set. To top it all, GreenDust also offers one year warranty and 15 days return option on the device. The deal certainly hits the sweet spot!

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